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PPARa modulation of mesolimbic dopamine transmission rescues depression-related behaviors 216
5alpha-reductase inhibitors dampen L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia via normalization of dopamine D1-receptor signaling pathway and D1-D3 receptor interaction 197
Aripiprazole relieves motivational anhedonia in rats 175
Gene-environment interactions in antisocial behavior are mediated by early-life 5-HT2A receptor activation 171
Fasting biases μ-opioid receptors toward β–arrestin2-dependent signaling in the accumbens shell 171
Impramine, fluoxetine and clozapine differently affected reactivity to positive and negative stimuli in a model of motivational anhedonia in rats 163
Antidepressant and pro-motivational effects of repeated lamotrigine treatment in a rat model of depressive symptoms 161
Noradrenergic terminals are the primary source of α2-adrenoceptor mediated dopamine release in the medial prefrontal cortex 161
Identification of cancer stem cells from human glioblastomas: growth and differentiation capabilities and CD133/prominin-1 expression 152
DARPP-32 in the orchestration of responses to positive natural stimuli 149
Acquisition and expression of conditioned taste aversion differentially affects extracellular signal regulated kinase and glutamate receptor phosphorylation in rat prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens 145
Making Sense of Rodent Models of Anhedonia 145
Reduced [3H]SCH 23390 binding and DA sensitive adenylyl cyclase in the limbic system of ethanol preferring rats 140
The mesolimbic dopaminergic response to novel palatable food consumption increases dopamine-D1 receptor-mediated signalling with complex modifications of the DARPP-32 phosphorylation pattern 139
Anti-anhedonic activity of long-term lithium treatment in rats exposed to repeated unavoidable stress 137
Animal models for the study of antidepressant activity 130
Dizocilpine antagonizes the effect of chronic imipramine on learned helplessness in rats 126
Acquisition of an appetitive behavior reverses the effects of long-term treatment with lithium in rats 120
Behavioral expression of cocaine sensitization in rats is accompanied by a distinct pattern of modifications in the PKA/DARPP-32 signaling pathway 118
The effects of long - term administration of rubidium or lithium on reactivity to stress and on dopamine output in the nucleus accumbens in rats 117
The protective effect of Hypericum connatum on stress-induced escape deficit in rat is related to its flavonoid content 117
Selective modifications in the nucleus accumbens of dopamine synaptic transmission in rats exposed to chronic stress 116
Dopamine D1 receptor-dependent modifications in the dopamine and cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein of Mr 32 kDa phosphorylation pattern in striatal areas of morphine-sensitized rats 116
Study of mirtazapine antidepressant effects in rats 115
Influence of palatability on motivation to operate for caloric and non-caloric food in non food-deprived and food-deprived rats 115
Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats show low 5-HT extraneuronal levels in the mPFC and no habituation in monoaminergic response to repeated ethanol consumption in the NAcS 115
Heightened reward response is associated with HCN2 overexpression in the ventral tegmental area in morphine-sensitized rats 114
Long-term imipramine effects are prevented by NMDA receptor blockade 112
Hypericum perforatum subspecies angustifolium shows a protective activity on the consequences of unavoidable stress exposure at lower doses than Hypericum perforatum perforatum 112
Repeated acetyl-L-carnitine administration increases phospho-Thr34 DARPP-32 levels and antagonizes cocaine-induced increase in Cdk5 and phospho-Thr75 DARPP-32 levels in rat striatum 112
Cocaine sensitization models an anhedonia-like condition in rats 112
A chronic stress that impairs reactivity in rats also decreases dopaminergic transmission in the nucleus accumbens: a microdialysis study 109
Reversal of stable behavioural modifications through NMDA receptor inhibition in rats 107
A study of the antidepressant activity of Hypericum Perforatum on animal models 107
NMDA receptor inhibition prevents tolerance to cocaine 107
Modifications in DARPP-32 phosphorylation pattern after repeated palatable food consumption undergo rapid habituation in the nucleus accumbens shell of non-food-deprived rats 107
Dizocilpine infusion has a different effect in the development of morphine and cocaine sensitization: behavioral and neurochemical aspects 107
Region-specific expression of messenger RNAs encoding GABAA receptor subunits in the developing rat brain 106
Acquisition of a palatable food sustained appetitive behavior in satiated rats is dependent on the dopaminergic response to this food in limbic areas 105
Rats sensitized to morphine are resistant to the behavioral effects of an unavoidable stress 104
Dopamine output in the nucleus accumbens shell is related to the acquisition and the retention of a motivated appetitive behavior in rats 104
Palatable food induces an appetitive behaviour in satiated rats which can be inhibited by chronic stress 101
Efficacy in behavioural models of antidepressant activity. 100
Localization and functional expression of alternatively spliced forms of GABAA receptor γ2 subunit 100
Dopamine and cyclic AMP-regulated phosphoprotein-32 phosphorylation pattern in cocaine and morphine-sensitized rats 100
Long-term behavioral and neurochemical effects of chronic stress exposure in rats 99
Long-term lithium administration abolishes the resistance to stress in rats sensitized to morphine 99
Targeting PPARα in the rat valproic acid model of autism: Focus on social motivational impairment and sex-related differences 99
Effects of long-term acetyl-l-carnitine administration in rats: II) Protection against the disrupting effect of stress on the acquisition of appetitive behavior 98
Crucial role of D1 dopamine receptors in mediating the antidepressant effect of imipramine 98
Efficacy of an Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort) extract in preventing and reverting a condition of escape deficit in rats 97
Sardinian alcohol-preferring and non-preferring rats show different reactivity to aversive stimuli and a similar response to a natural reward 96
Effects of long-term acetyl-l-carnitine administration in rats: I. increased dopamine output in mesocorticolimbic areas and protection toward acute stress exposure 95
Experimental protocols for the study of stress in animals and humans. 89
GABAA receptor messenger RNA expression in the deep cerebellar nuclei of Purkinje cell degeneration mutants is maintained following the loss of innervating Purkinje neurons 88
The efficacy of reboxetine in preventing and reverting a condition of escape deficit in rats 88
α-Methyl-para-tyrosine antagonizes the effect of chronic imipramine on learned helplessness in rats 88
Editorial: Food and its effect on the brain: From physiological to compulsive consumption 85
A novel gamma subunit of the GABAA receptor identified using the polymerase chain reaction 84
Steroid 5alpha-reductase 2 deficiency leads to reduced dominance-related and impulse-control behaviors 81
BDNF Overexpression Increases Striatal D3Receptor Level at Striatal Neurons and Exacerbates D1-Receptor Agonist-Induced Dyskinesia 72
NMDA dependent and independent behavioral sensitization 71
Morphine sensitization as a model of mania: Comparative study of the effect of repeated lithium or carbamazepine administration 65
Desensitization of the D1 dopamine receptors in rats reproduces a model of escape deficit reverted by imipramine 63
Quantitative autoradiography of central beta adrenoceptor subtypes: comparison of the effects of chronic treatment with desipramine or centrally administered l-isoproterenol 58
Developmental expression of the GABAA receptor alpha 1 subunit mRNA in the rat brain 57
Il ruolo delle piante nel trattamento del morbo di Alzheimer 56
Imipramine and fluoxetine prevent the stress-induced escape deficit in rats through a distinct mechanism of action 54
Central administration of 1-isoproterenol in vivo induces a preferential regulation of beta 2-adrenoceptors in the central nervous system of the rat 54
Under continuous dizocilpine infusion an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor independent form of cocaine sensitization develops in rats 52
Preferential reduction of binding of 125I-iodopindolol to beta-1 adrenoceptors in the amygdala of rat after antidepressant treatments 47
PPARα Signaling: A Candidate Target in Psychiatric Disorder Management 14
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