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A Machine Learning Decision Support System (DSS) for Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients Treated with Somatostatin Analog (SSA) Therapy 23
Fuzzy FMECA Process Analysis for Managing the Risks in the Lifecycle of a CBCT Scanner 23
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in health care: where are we? A scoping review 21
A Model of Pupillometric Signals for Studying Inherited Retinal Diseases in Childhood Population 21
Hypertension Diagnosis and Management in Africa Using Mobile Phones: A Scoping Review 20
Health Technology Management. A Database Analysis as Support of Technology Managers in Hospitals 19
Automatic Detection of Genetic Diseases in Pediatric Age Using Pupillometry 19
Case Studies on the Use of Sentiment Analysis to Assess the Effectiveness and Safety of Health Technologies: A Scoping Review 19
The Inadequacy of Regulatory Frameworks in Time of Crisis and in Low-Resource Settings: Personal Protective Equipment and COVID-19 18
Machine Learning Models for Early Prediction of Sepsis on Large Healthcare Datasets 18
Designing an Indoor Real-Time Location System for Healthcare Facilities 17
Machine learning for analysis of gene expression data in fast- and slow-progressing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis murine models 17
Overview for special issue: global issues in clinical engineering 17
A convolutional neural network approach to detect congestive heart failure 17
Input Clinical Parameters for Cardiac Heart Failure Characterization Using Machine Learning 17
A decision support system for technological planning and management of field hospitals 17
SYRMA: a tool for a system approach to risk management in mission critical systems 16
Analysis and management of the risks related to the collection, processing and distribution of peripheral blood haematopoietic stem cells 16
Metodica per il disinvestimento dei dispositivi medici 16
Gut microbiota and artificial intelligence approaches: A scoping review 16
3D Vessel Segmentation in CT for Augmented and Virtual Reality 16
Medical Devices in Sub-Saharan Africa: optimal assistance via a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in Benin 16
Case study: IBM Watson Analytics cloud platform as Analytics-as-a-Service system for heart failure early detection 16
An integrated custom decision-support computer aided facility management informative system for healthcare facilities and analysis 16
Pupillometry via smartphone for low-resource settings 16
Dual Frequency Active RFID Solution for Tracking Patients in a Children's Hospital. Design Method, Test Procedure, Risk Analysis and Techical Solution 16
An Automatic System Supporting Clinical Decision for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 16
Health Technology Assessment and Biomedical Engineering: Global trends, gaps and opportunities 16
FMECA Design Analysis: Risk Management for the Manufacture of a CBCT Scanner 15
Longitudinal expandable shelter for medical response during disasters 15
Medical devices nomenclature systems: a scoping review 15
A collaborative RESTful cloud-based tool for management of chromatic pupillometry in a clinical trial 15
Evidence-based medical equipment management: a convenient implementation 15
Chromatic Pupillometry for Screening and Monitoring of Retinitis Pigmentosa 15
Multidisciplinary Analysis For Hospital Based HTA Methodology 15
Rationale for the evaluation of renal functional reserve in allogeneic stem cell transplantation candidates: a pilot study 14
A robotic arm for safe and accurate control of biomedical equipment during COVID-19 14
A multi-layer monitoring system for clinical management of Congestive Heart Failure 14
Il caso studio italiano nel progetto di ricerca europeo Streamer: l’Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Careggi 13
Design of a RESTful Web information system for drug prescription and administration 13
Careggi Smart Hospital: A mobile app for patients, citizens and healthcare staff 13
A Machine Learning System to Improve Heart Failure Patient Assistance 13
RFID technology in health care 12
Domotica: la casa attiva 12
Un sistema esperto per il monitoraggio delle infrastrutture critiche ospedaliere 12
Contrastare le tracce lasciate dal tempo sulle apparecchiature biomedicali 12
A Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Detect Congestive Heart Failure Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 12
Designing and developing a mobile application for indoor real-time positioning and navigation in healthcare facilities 12
Testing of mechanical ventilators and infant incubators in healthcare institutions 11
Clinical engineering online courses for Africa 11
Bridging the gap between 3D navigation and semantic search. The INCEPTION platform 11
A Smart RFID Device for Drugs Administration 11
Un approccio non convenzionale al monitoraggio delle consistenze strutturali ospedaliere 11
Optimised generalised singular value decomposition for dysphonic voice quality enhancement 11
Focus: Domotica e building automation 11
An rFId Smart container to perform drugs administration reducing adverse drug events 10
ORA'O: RESTful Cloud-Based Ophthalmologic Medical Record for Chromatic Pupillometry 10
A Method for the Continuity of Technology 10
Sentiment Analysis for Performance Evaluation of Maintenance in Healthcare 10
How bioengineers and architects can together contribute to improve healthcare management: case study 10
Training And Educational Planning By A Technical Failure Analysis Method 10
Deep Learning for Predicting Congestive Heart Failure 9
Hospital health care offer. A monitoring multidisciplinar approach 9
Hospital-based expert model for health technology procurement planning in hospitals 9
Modeling of Pupillometric Signals for Studying Children’s Rare Diseases 9
A decision support system for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 9
RFId-based tracking and safety system 9
Esperienza di HB-HTA sul Software Medicale 9
Innovative Tool for Automatic Detection of Arterial Stenosis on Cone Beam Computed Tomography 8
Artificial intelligence for non-invasive glycaemic-events detection via ECG in a paediatric population: study protocol 8
Semantic Ontologies for Complex Healthcare Structures: A Scoping Review 8
Clinical Engineering (from devices to systems) 8
Clinical engineering 8
From AI to H BIM: New Interpretative Scenarios in Data Processing 8
Integrated HTA and FMECA methodology for the evaluation of robotic surgery 8
Assisted reproductive technology center design with quality function deployment approach 8
A Custom Decision-Support Information System for Structural and Technological Analysis in Healthcare 8
CAD system to assess the patients HF severity on a three levels scale and dependence of the system performance from the BNP 8
Assessing the impact of a CIS/PACS technology for a cardiology department using QFD methodology 8
Cultural Heritage Sites Holistic Documentation Through Semantic Web Technologies 8
Clinical Decision Support Systems for COPD: a general overview 8
INCEPTION Standard for Heritage BIM Models 8
Adverse Drug Events (ADEs): a novel RFID device for a safe and strong match between patients and their medications 8
Approach to the management of infusion systems in hospitals 8
Toward a Novel Medical Device Based on Chromatic Pupillometry for Screening and Monitoring of Inherited Ocular Disease: A Pilot Study 8
KPI set for management of complexity in health care 8
A Novel Implementation of Road Mapping from Digital Subtraction Angiography Images 8
Automatic Classification of Hospital Settings through Artificial Intelligence 7
Proposta di metodologia semiquantitativa per la valutazione del processo di accreditamento facht-netcord di una banca di sangue cordonale 7
Decision Support Systems in Healthcare 7
A Methodological tool for field hospital planning 7
INCEPTION: Web cutting-edge technologies meet cultural heritage 7
Creation of a system for the coding of medical devices 7
Progetti di un metodo per l’analisi delle criticità strutturali e tecnologiche di un blocco operatorio 7
Telematics Integrated System to Perform Drugs Prescription and Administration Reducing Adverse Drug Events 7
Hospital-based health technology assessment (HB-HTA): how a multidimensional set of indicators can help in defining a technology replacement plan 7
Contributo dell’Ingegneria Clinica per l’HB-HTA. Il Nuovo Indice AFR 7
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