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Nome #
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in health care: where are we? A scoping review, file a81f734f-d2ad-4a8f-a7c3-01652ed89ba0 135
Heritage-led ontologies: Digital platform for supporting the regeneration of cultural and historical sites, file 93c9b2c8-dbdd-42cd-b654-e02771bf588d 73
Evidence-based approach to medical equipment maintenance monitoring, file e0feeaab-5bdf-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 69
From AI to H BIM: New Interpretative Scenarios in Data Processing, file e0feeaab-7e12-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 67
Sentiment Analysis for Performance Evaluation of Maintenance in Healthcare, file e0feeaab-67c3-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 47
Machine Learning Models for Early Prediction of Sepsis on Large Healthcare Datasets, file e0feeaab-c489-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 44
Semantic Ontologies for Complex Healthcare Structures: A Scoping Review, file 970cd40c-7030-441d-b8ef-3afe4cd8ed2f 40
Designing and developing a mobile application for indoor real-time positioning and navigation in healthcare facilities, file 63fd8586-a900-41b7-a15e-b0e283bc591b 24
Integrated HTA and FMECA methodology for the evaluation of robotic surgery, file e0feeaab-67c5-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 24
Creation of a system for the coding of medical devices, file e0feeaab-696e-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 23
Bridging the gap between 3D navigation and semantic search. The INCEPTION platform, file e0feeaab-6970-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 17
Innovative Tool for Automatic Detection of Arterial Stenosis on Cone Beam Computed Tomography, file ed21ef18-c029-4365-8508-72c4b37fd568 17
System for Monitoring Environmental Parameters in a Hospital Facility, file f9ccdd35-c907-493c-ade5-9e5e3637ad65 17
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Handling huge and complex 3D geometries with Semantic Web technology, file e0feeaab-5be5-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 15
ORA'O: RESTful Cloud-Based Ophthalmologic Medical Record for Chromatic Pupillometry, file e0feeaab-5be7-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 14
Improvement in hoarse voice denoising for real-time DSP implementation, file 26227805-fe16-4530-8f7f-d7b3792caa41 12
Deep Learning for Predicting Congestive Heart Failure, file 345911d7-3952-4428-91fc-1b370131616c 12
A robotic arm for safe and accurate control of biomedical equipment during COVID-19, file d1b4cd61-856b-436d-8d2a-379f8e51b2d8 12
Rationale for the evaluation of renal functional reserve in allogeneic stem cell transplantation candidates: a pilot study, file d668c140-115b-4e1b-a5fd-369d3f373276 12
Optimised GSVD for dysphonic voice quality enhancement, file 4fe90f2d-aa6d-4839-91a6-ac9ae8e33ce8 11
RFId Technologies for the Hospital. How to Choose the Right One and Plan the Right Solution?, file e0feeaab-5878-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 11
Artificial intelligence for non-invasive glycaemic-events detection via ECG in a paediatric population: study protocol, file aca5af8b-9787-4410-9f77-519360e32008 9
Scoping Meta-Review of Methods Used to Assess Artificial Intelligence-Based Medical Devices for Heart Failure, file d2fe8815-a320-45c3-aa9d-4d9ca0532c80 9
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Clinical engineering online courses for Africa, file e0feeaab-67d3-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 9
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in health care: where are we? A scoping review, file e68905a7-2555-45e0-ad67-d29b80d6bdb5 9
Hoarse voice denoising for real-time DSP implementation: continuous speech assessment, file 85a57f8f-0a84-4f68-b757-6e35e0bf69ed 7
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Clinical Engineering Certification and Education in Italy, file e0feeaab-67c0-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 6
KPI set for management of complexity in health care, file e0feeaab-7e16-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 5
A smartphone-based tool for screening diabetic neuropathies: A mHealth and 3D printing approach, file e7242ecd-0d55-44d4-a31f-45702dbd4e11 4
Using Renal Elastography to Predict the Therapeutic Response of Nephrological Patients, file f7ea7e4f-f09f-4568-871a-49bc0c26765e 4
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Health Information Technology Adverse Events Identification and Classification with Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, file 1944a581-635d-497e-926e-dc8beb30500b 2
AR2T: Advanced Realistic Rendering Technique for Biomedical Volumes, file 3b0a59ec-80c9-4049-ba11-32b6625567d5 2
The STREAMER European Project. Case Study: Careggi Hospital in Florence, file 3f1a6790-859c-4ac6-b0f6-f58626f89e51 2
Risk management in a medical device software: evaluation of the usability characteristics of a 3D viewer for reporting, file c1c71a92-ce98-43c2-a6c8-81660911bad7 2
Modeling of Pupillometric Signals for Studying Children’s Rare Diseases, file e0feeaab-5879-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Decision Support Systems in Healthcare, file e0feeaab-587e-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Machine learning for analysis of gene expression data in fast- and slow-progressing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis murine models, file e0feeaab-5a28-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Experience of Lean Six Sigma Quality Approach to Hospital Laboratory Services, file e0feeaab-5bd8-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
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Approach to the management of infusion systems in hospitals, file e0feeaab-5be9-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Device reconditioning service for home-based assistance. How to choose the right approach, file e0feeaab-5d76-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Operating theatre model for activity monitoring and planning in hospitals, file e0feeaab-5d7b-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Un approccio non convenzionale al monitoraggio delle strutture ospedaliere, file e0feeaab-6971-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
A decision support system for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), file e0feeaab-7e13-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
Evidence-based clinical engineering: Health information technology adverse events identification and classification with natural language processing, file eaa6353a-e220-4c90-bf87-4a8318723f18 2
A methodology aimed to guarantee technology continuity in health structures, file 46496425-df0a-4cdb-8721-6cfc22a128bc 1
Creation of a system for the coding of medical devices, file 4c820ab0-a049-45d7-a178-f7c3646585b2 1
Machine Learning Models for Early Prediction of Sepsis on Large Healthcare Datasets, file 89ba18dc-1170-44fe-a93a-49175666b958 1
Voxelization: Multi-target Optimization for Biomedical Volume Rendering, file 9229b63a-771e-4f38-8142-23e44dc75596 1
Extremity Bones Segmentation in Cone Beam Computed Tomography, a Novel Approach, file aad672b8-7275-4ac8-a10e-188b4e094d7c 1
Designing and developing a mobile application for indoor real-time positioning and navigation in healthcare facilities, file bf550dea-45f5-4ed0-a8e6-54143b94a2f9 1
Image Registration Techniques for Independent Acquisitions of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Volumes, file cbaf4c6c-8fca-4ea0-9f67-cd75f33d33d3 1
Adverse Drug Events (ADEs): a novel RFID device for a safe and strong match between patients and their medications, file e0feeaab-587b-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Random forest for automatic assessment of heart failure severity in a telemonitoring scenario, file e0feeaab-587c-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
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A methodology for technolgy risk assessment in hospitals, file e0feeaab-5a2e-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Effects of combined use of a patient-tracking system and a smart drug-dispenser on the overall risk of the diagnostic-therapeutic process, file e0feeaab-5a31-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Assessing the impact of a CIS/PACS technology for a cardiology department using QFD methodology, file e0feeaab-5a33-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Practice of HB-HTA on the study of HIFU technology for the treatment of prostate cancer and uterine fibroma, file e0feeaab-5bd1-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
DSS for field hospitals planning. Technological and functional aspects, file e0feeaab-5bd4-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
An unconventional approach to healthcare(Geographic) information systems using a custom VB interface to AutoCAD, file e0feeaab-5bd5-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Risk management process on a new microwave thermal ablation device: assessment and follow up, file e0feeaab-5bd6-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Telematics Integrated System to Perform Drugs Prescription and Administration Reducing Adverse Drug Events, file e0feeaab-5bd7-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Careggi Smart Hospital: A mobile app for patients, citizens and healthcare staff, file e0feeaab-5bd9-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Definition of a technology replacement plan: a set of indicators for the evaluation and management of technological deployment, file e0feeaab-5bda-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
IFMBE/clinical engineering division projects for the advancement of the profession of clinical engineering, file e0feeaab-5bdb-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Medical Device and System management using HTA strategy, file e0feeaab-5be0-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Risk management process and CE marking of software as MD, file e0feeaab-5be1-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Hospital‐Based HTA for medical software, file e0feeaab-5be2-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Risk management process in a microwave thermal ablation system for CE marking, file e0feeaab-5be3-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Drugs administration: How to reduce risks to patients, file e0feeaab-5be4-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Cultural Heritage Sites Holistic Documentation Through Semantic Web Technologies, file e0feeaab-5be6-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
A queueing theory based model for business continuity in hospitals, file e0feeaab-5be8-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Custom active RFId solution for children tracking and identifying in a resuscitation ward, file e0feeaab-5d75-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Heart failure artificial intelligence-based computer aided diagnosis telecare system, file e0feeaab-5d77-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Toward a Novel Medical Device Based on Chromatic Pupillometry for Screening and Monitoring of Inherited Ocular Disease: A Pilot Study, file e0feeaab-5d78-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Bed management in hospital systems, file e0feeaab-5d79-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
RFId-based tracking and safety system, file e0feeaab-5d7a-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Evaluation of user - device interaction in hospitals, file e0feeaab-67c2-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Designing an Indoor Real-Time Location System for Healthcare Facilities, file e0feeaab-67c6-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
A NEW DUAL ACTIVE RFID SYSTEM OPERATING IN THE 5.8 AND 2.45 GHZ ISM BANDS, file e0feeaab-67c7-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
A simulation based model for planning operating theater activity in complex hospitals: Case study in orthopedics, file e0feeaab-67c8-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
SEMIO: An expert system for monitoring critical hospital infrastructures, file e0feeaab-67c9-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Effects of Critical Hospital Infrastructures Faults, file e0feeaab-67ca-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Navigation algorithm for the evacuation of hospitalized patients, file e0feeaab-67cb-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
KPI indicators for managemento of technology and health technology assessment, file e0feeaab-67cc-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
The diagnostic-therapeutic process. Workflow analysis and risk management with IT tools, file e0feeaab-67cf-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
A Methodological tool for field hospital planning, file e0feeaab-67d0-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
A Custom Decision-Support Information System for Structural and Technological Analysis in Healthcare, file e0feeaab-67d1-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
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