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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File Abstract
The 1.5-A structure of Chryseobacterium meningosepticum zinc beta-lactamase in complex with the inhibitor, D-captopril 1-gen-2003 GARCIA SAEZ, I; Hopkins, J; Papamicael, C; Franceschini, N; Amicosante, G; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Galleni, M; Frere, Jm; Dideberg, O. -
The 10-year follow-up data of the Euro-Lupus Nephritis Trial comparing low-dose and high-dose intravenous cyclophosphamide. 1-gen-2010 Houssiau, Fa; Vasconcelos, C; D'Cruz, D; Sebastiani, Gd; de Ramon Garrido, E; Danieli, Mg; Abramovicz, D; Blockmans, D; Cauli, A; Direskeneli, H; Galeazzi, Mauro; Gül, A; Levy, Y; Petera, P; Popovic, R; Petrovic, R; Sinico, Ra; Cattaneo, R; Font, J; Depresseux, G; Cosyns, Jp; Cervera, R. -
The 208-222 Region of the peplomer Glycoprotein as a putative binding site of rabies virus with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor 1-gen-1988 P., Neri; L., Bracci; A., Di Tommaso; L., Lozzi; M., Rustici; Santucci, Annalisa; P., Soldani; Niccolai, Neri; P., Mascagni; G., Siligardi; W. A., Gibbons -
The 208-222 region of the peplomer glycoprotein putative binding site of the rabiesvirus with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor 1-gen-1988 P., Neri; Bracci, Luisa; A., DI TOMMASO; Lozzi, Luisa; M., Rustici; Santucci, Annalisa; Soldani, Patrizia; S., Petreni; Niccolai, Neri; M., Mascagni; G., Siligardi; W. A., Gibbons -
The 430 years of Ex. 12.40 from Demetrius to Julius Africanus. A study in jewish and christian chronography. 1-gen-1996 Andrei, Osvalda -
The 9+2 axoneme and its constituent tubulin: A stringent relationship 1-gen-2008 Mencarelli, Caterina -
The 9th Siena Meeting - from genome to proteome: open innovations. 1-gen-2013 Bini, Luca; Hochstrasser, D; Sanchez, Jc -
The Accademia della Crusca in Italy: past and present 1-gen-2011 Tosi, Arturo -
The accessory glands of the female reproductive system of Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera): an updated review 1-gen-2000 R., Dallai; M., Rosetto; Marchini, Daniela -
The accounting regulation process in Italy 1-gen-2000 DI PIETRA, Roberto; Riccaboni, A. -
The acidophytic shrublands in the north-west of the Italian peninsula: ecology, chorology and syntaxonomy 1-gen-2007 Angiolini, Claudia; B., Foggi; D., Viciani; A., Gabellini -
The acquired metallo-beta-lactamases: an increasing clinical threat. 1-gen-2005 Rossolini, GIAN MARIA -
The acquisition of partitive clitics  in Romance five‐year‐olds 1-gen-2011 Gavarró Algueró, A.; Guasti, M. T.; Tuller, L.; Prévost, P.; Belletti, Adriana; Cilibrasi, L.; Delage, H.; Vernice, M. -
The Action-Theoretic Basis of Practical Philosophy 1-gen-2007 Lumer, Christoph -
The activin-binding protein follistatin regulates autocrine endothelial cell activity and induces angiogenesis. 1-gen-1997 D. H., Kozian; Ziche, Marina; H. G., Augustin -
The adenylate cyclase toxin of Bacillus anthracis is a potent promoter of Th17 cell development 1-gen-2011 ROSSI PACCANI, Silvia; Benagiano, M; Savino, MARIA TERESA; Finetti, Francesca; Tonello, F; Delios, Mm; Baldari, Cosima -
The adhesion between fiber posts and root canal walls: comparison between microtensile and push-out bond strength measurements. 1-gen-2004 Goracci, Cecilia; Tavares, Au; Fabianelli, A; Monticelli, F; Raffaelli, O; Cardoso, Pc; Tay, F; Ferrari, Marco -
The adhesion between fibre posts and composite resin cores: the evaluation of microtensile bond strength following various surface chemical treatments to posts. 1-gen-2006 Vano, M; Goracci, Cecilia; Monticelli, F; Tognini, F; Gabriele, M; Tay, Fr; Ferrari, Marco -
The adhesion between FRC postec and resin core materials following different treatments of the post surface. 1-gen-2007 Mazzitelli, C; Magni, E; Radovic, I; Papacchini, F; Goracci, Cecilia; Ferrari, Marco -
The adhesion between prefabricated FRC posts and composite resin cores: microtensile bond strength with and without post-silanization 1-gen-2005 Goracci, Cecilia; Raffaelli, O.; Monticelli, F.; Balleri, B.; Bertelli, E.; Ferrari, Marco -
Mostrati risultati da 77.722 a 77.741 di 84.707
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