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Effect of oxidation state and chelating agent on iron bio-accessibility from different commercial iron-supplements 1-gen-2024 Pepi, S.; Talarico, L.; Leone, G.; Bonechi, C.; Tamasi, G.; Clemente, I.; Consumi, M.; Bisozzi, F.; Ietta, F.; Rossi, C.; Magnani, A. -
Bioactive lignans from flaxseed: biological properties and patented recovery technologies 1-gen-2023 Sangiorgio, Paola; Errico, Simona; Verardi, Alessandra; Moliterni, Stefania; Tamasi, Gabriella; Rossi, Claudio; Balducchi, Roberto -
Effect of Annurca apple extract on anti-hyper cholesterol action of a RYR based formulation 1-gen-2023 Pepi, S.; Talarico, L.; Leone, G.; Bonechi, C.; Tamasi, G.; Consumi, M.; Bisozzi, F.; Magnani, A. -
Liposomal encapsulation of citicoline for ocular drug delivery 1-gen-2023 Bonechi, Claudia; FAHMIDEH MAHDIZADEH, Fariba; Talarico, Luigi; Pepi, Simone; Tamasi, Gabriella; Leone, Gemma; Consumi, Marco; Donati, Alessandro; Magnani, Agnese -
Green hydrogels loaded with extracts from Solanaceae for the controlled disinfection of agricultural soils 1-gen-2023 Clemente, Ilaria; Baglioni, Michele; Bonechi, Claudia; Bisozzi, Flavia; Rossi, Claudio; Tamasi, Gabriella -
Bioactive compounds and their impact on protein modification in human cells 1-gen-2022 Prasad, A.; Rossi, C.; Manoharan, R. R.; Sedlarova, M.; Cangeloni, L.; Rathi, D.; Tamasi, G.; Pospisil, P.; Consumi, M. -
Analytical composition of flours through thermogravimetric and rheological combined methods 1-gen-2022 Consumi, M.; Tamasi, G.; Pepi, S.; Leone, G.; Bonechi, C.; Magnani, A.; Donati, A.; Rossi, C. -
Characterization of Extracts of Coffee Leaves (Coffea arabica L.) by Spectroscopic and Chromatographic/Spectrometric Techniques 1-gen-2022 Cangeloni, Lorenzo; Bonechi, Claudia; Leone, Gemma; Consumi, Marco; Andreassi, Marco; Magnani, Agnese; Rossi, Claudio; Tamasi, Gabriella -
Effect of Flaking and Precooking Procedures on Antioxidant Potential of Selected Ancient Cereal and Legume Flours 1-gen-2022 Consumi, Marco; Tamasi, Gabriella; Bonechi, Claudia; Andreassi, Marco; Leone, Gemma; Magnani, Agnese; Rossi, Claudio -
Structuring and de-structuring of nanovectors from algal lipids: simulated digestion, preliminary antioxidant capacity and in vitro tests 1-gen-2022 Clemente, Ilaria; Lamponi, Stefania; Tamasi, Gabriella; Rodolfi, Liliana; Rossi, Claudio; Ristori, Sandra -
Calcium ions hyaluronan/gellan gum protective shell for delivery of oleuropein in the knee 1-gen-2022 Consumi, M.; Leone, G.; Pepi, S.; Pardini, A.; Lamponi, S.; Bonechi, C.; Tamasi, G.; Rossi, C.; Magnani, A. -
Solid lipid nanoparticles produced via a coacervation method as promising carriers for controlled release of quercetin 1-gen-2021 Talarico, Luigi; Consumi, Marco; Leone, Gemma; Tamasi, Gabriella; Magnani, Agnese -
Water content quantification by FTIR in carboxymethyl cellulose food additive 1-gen-2021 Consumi, M.; Leone, G.; Tamasi, G.; Magnani, A. -
Effects of aqueous extract of lycopersicum esculentum L. var. “Camone” tomato on blood pressure, behavior and brain susceptibility to oxidative stress in spontaneously hypertensive rats 1-gen-2021 Frosini, M.; Marcolongo, P.; Gamberucci, A.; Tamasi, G.; Pardini, A.; Giunti, R.; Fiorenzani, P.; Aloisi, A. M.; Rossi, C.; Pessina, F. -
Effect of different post-harvest storage conditions and heat treatment on tomatine content in commercial varieties of green tomatoes 1-gen-2021 Pardini, A.; Consumi, M.; Leone, G.; Bonechi, C.; Tamasi, G.; Sangiorgio, P.; Verardi, A.; Rossi, C.; Magnani, A. -
Varietal and geographical origin characterization of peaches and nectarines by combining analytical techniques and statistical approach 1-gen-2021 Tamasi, G.; Bonechi, C.; Leone, G.; Andreassi, M.; Consumi, M.; Sangiorgio, P.; Verardi, A.; Rossi, C.; Magnani, A. -
Determination of nano and microplastic particles in hypersaline lakes by multiple methods 1-gen-2021 Pashaei, R.; Loiselle, S. A.; Leone, G.; Tamasi, G.; Dzingelevičienė, R.; Kowalkowski, T.; Gholizadeh, M.; Consumi, M.; Abbasi, S.; Sabaliauskaitė, V.; Buszewski, B. -
Combined experimental and multivariate model approaches for glycoalkaloid quantification in tomatoes 1-gen-2021 Tamasi, G.; Pardini, A.; Croce, R.; Consumi, M.; Leone, G.; Bonechi, C.; Rossi, C.; Magnani, A. -
Kinetics of glucosinolate hydrolysis by myrosinase in Brassicaceae tissues: A high-performance liquid chromatography approach 1-gen-2021 Pardini, A.; Tamasi, G.; De Rocco, F.; Bonechi, C.; Consumi, M.; Leone, G.; Magnani, A.; Rossi, C. -
Physicochemical Characterization of Hyaluronic Acid and Chitosan Liposome Coatings 1-gen-2021 Bonechi, Claudia; Tamasi, Gabriella; Donati, Alessandro; Leone, Gemma; Consumi, Marco; Cangeloni, Lorenzo; Volpi, Vanessa; Magnani, Agnese; Cappelli, Andrea; Rossi, Claudio -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 111
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