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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File Abstract
Cyclodextrin-Adamantane Host–Guest Interactions on the Surface of Biocompatible Adamantyl-Modified Glycodendrimers 1-gen-2013 Paolino, Marco; Franka, Ennen; Lamponi, Stefania; Mihaela, Cernescu; Brigitte, Voit; Cappelli, Andrea; Dietmar, Appelhans; Hartmut, Komber -
Different protonation behaviour of two poly(methacrylic acid) derivatives containing N-acyl-glycine and N-acyl-b-alanine residues: thermodynamic and FT-IR studies 1-gen-1991 Barbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario; Magnani, Agnese; Roncolini, C. -
Effect of different shielding groups on the polyelectrolyte behaviour of poly (amines) 1-gen-1983 R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario; N., Danzo; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; A., Angeloni -
MacroInorganics 7. Property-structure relationships for polymeric bases whose monomeric units behave independently toward protonation 1-gen-1981 R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario; P., Ferruti; F., Lelj; L., Oliva -
MacroInorganics 9. Enthalpies of protonation and Cu(II)-complex formation of some poly(amido amine)s 1-gen-1983 R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; M., Tramontini -
New polymeric acids containing potentially hydrolyzable bonds 1-gen-1991 Ranucci, E.; Bignotti, F.; Ferruti, P.; Casolaro, Mario -
Spectroscopic and calorimetric studies on the protonation of polymeric aminoacids 1-gen-1986 R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario; M., Nocentini; P., Ferruti -
Stimuli-responsive polymers based on L-phenylalanine residues: the protonation thermodynamics of free polymers and cross-linked hydrogels 1-gen-2005 Casolaro, Mario; Paccagnini, Eugenio; R., Mendichi; Y., Ito -
Structural Manipulation of Benzofulvene Derivatives Showing Spontaneous Thermoreversible Polymerization. Role of the Substituents in the Modulation of Polymer Properties 1-gen-2007 Cappelli, Andrea; Galeazzi, S; Giuliani, Germano; Anzini, Maurizio; Donati, Alessandro; Zetta, L; Mendichi, R; Aggravi, M; Giorgi, Gianluca; Paccagnini, Eugenio; Vomero, Salvatore -
swelling behaviour of the carboxymethylcellulose hydrogels in relation to crosslinking pH and charge density 1-gen-2000 Barbucci, Rolando; Magnani, Agnese; Consumi, Marco -
Synthesis and Spontaneous Polymerization of Oligo(ethylene glycol)-Conjugated Benzofulvene Macromonomers. A Polymer Brush Forming a Physical Hydrogel 1-gen-2009 Cappelli, Andrea; S., Galeazzi; Giuliani, Germano; Anzini, Maurizio; M., Grassi; R., Lapasin; G., Grassi; R., Farra; B., Dapas; M., Aggravi; Donati, Alessandro; L., Zetta; A. C., Boccia; F., Bertini; F., Samperi; Vomero, Salvatore -
Thermodynamic and spectroscopic studies of protonation with a optically active polyampholite 1-gen-1989 Barbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario; DI TOMMASO, A.; Magnani, Agnese -
Vinyl polymers containing L-valine and L-leucine residues: thermodynamic behaviour of homopolymers and copolymers with N-isopropylacrylamide 1-gen-1995 Casolaro, Mario -
Mostrati risultati da 4 a 16 di 16
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