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RU - Federazione Russa 19
GB - Regno Unito 17
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Boydton 2
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Santiago 2
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Nome #
Characterization of Extracts of Coffee Leaves (Coffea arabica L.) by Spectroscopic and Chromatographic/Spectrometric Techniques, file 5737781e-a214-4eb1-bf64-81a4d7d94513 200
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Calcium ions hyaluronan/gellan gum protective shell for delivery of oleuropein in the knee, file 16df126b-26ae-46bf-910d-2aa8b22f47c0 2
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X-ray structural characterization of the bis-guanine derivative of a cisplatin analogue having just one proton on each coordinated nitrogen and a head-to-head conformation: [Pt{(±)-N,N'-dimethylbutane-2,3-diamine}(9-ethyl-guanine)2]dinitrate, file e0feeaa4-ef36-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
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Comparison of Original and Modern Mortars at the Herculaneum Archaeological Site, file e0feeaa8-2a07-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 2
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Liposomal Encapsulation of Citicoline for Ocular Drug Delivery, file 633b3aac-8eda-4d4b-8b07-e8912d38e06b 1
Bioactive Compounds and Their Impact on Protein Modification in Human Cells, file decdb31a-8b8f-422d-8890-b13fe0803c50 1
First Crystal and Molecular Structure and Circular Dichroism of a Pure LHT Rotamer of cis-Pt(amine)2(nucleotide)2, file e0feeaa4-c11d-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
First Crystal and Molecular Structure and Circular Dichroism of a Pure LHT Rotamer of cis-Pt(amine)2(nucleotide)2, file e0feeaa4-c11e-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
NMR and X-ray Structural Characterization of a Cisplatin Analogous Able to Slow Down the Pt-N7 Rotation of a Coordinated Guanine Base by a Billion Times: the 2,2'-Bipiperidine(dimethylmalonato)platinum(II) Complex, file e0feeaa4-c11f-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Complexes Having the fac-{M(CO)3}+ Core (M = Tc, Re) Useful in Radiopharmaceuticals: X-ray and NMR Structural Characterization and Density Functional Calculations of Species Containing Two sp3 N Donors and One sp3 O Donor, file e0feeaa4-c205-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
New platinum-oxicam complexes as anti-cancer drugs. Synthesis, characterization, release studies from smart hydrogels, evaluation of reactivity with selected proteins and cytotoxic activity in vitro, file e0feeaa4-db7f-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Polymetaphosphate based formulations for therapy of microcrystalline arthropaties, file e0feeaa4-e46b-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
fac-{Ru(CO)3}2+ Selectively Targets the Histidine Residues of the β-Amyloid Peptide 1-28. Implications for New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments Based on Ruthenium Complexes, file e0feeaa4-ea01-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
The First Pure LHT Rotamer of a Complex with a cis-[Metal(nucleotide)2]Unit: A cis-[PtACHTUNGTRENUNG(amine)2(nucleotide)2] LHT Rotamer with Unique MolecularStructural Features, file e0feeaa4-f381-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Unusual reactivity at a platinum center determined by the ligands and the solvent environment, file e0feeaa6-a3a1-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
X-ray structure and circular dichroism of pure rotamers of bis[guanosine-5-monophosphate(-1)](N,N,N',N' -tetramethylcyclohexyl-1,2-diamine)platinum(II) complexes that have R,R and S,S configurations at the asymmetric diamine, file e0feeaa6-a3a5-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
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Ruthenium-Thiobase Complexes. Synthesis, Spectroscopy, Density Functional Studies for trans,cis,cis-[RuII(AsPh3)2(N,S-2-Thiopyrimidinato)2] and Structural Analysis of Selected Weak C-H…N and C-H…S Interactions, file e0feeaa6-a5ba-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
A Molecular Orbital Study of C-H…Cl- and N-H…Cl- Hydrogen Bonds. Inferences on Selected Metal Complexes and on Protein ClC Cl- Channels, file e0feeaa6-a5c9-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Coupling of cationic olefin complexes of platinum(II) with potential ambident nucleophiles, file e0feeaa6-a911-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Unusual Coordinating Behavior by Three Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs from the Oxicam Family towards Copper(II). Synthesis, X-ray Structure for Copper(II) –Isoxicam, -Meloxicam and -Cinnoxicam-derivative Complexes, and Cytotoxic Activity for a Copper(II)-Piroxicam Complex, file e0feeaa6-a91f-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
fac-{Ru(CO)3}2+-Core Complexes as Potential Anti-Cancer Drugs. Synthesis, Structure, Reactivity of Ru-Thiazole Derivative with Serum Proteins, and Absorption-Release Studies with Acryloyl and Silica Hydrogels as Carriers in Physiological Media, file e0feeaa6-a921-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
DFT-Molecular Modeling Analysis of C-H…N and C-H…S Hydrogen Bond Type Interactions in Selected Platinum-Purine/Pyrimidine Complexes, file e0feeaa6-a924-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Unusual hetero-atomic RhSCNSb(Rh) co-ordination ring. Synthesis and X-ray structure of [Rh(N1,S2-2-thiopyrimidinato)2(S2(Rh),N1(Sb)-2-thiopyrimidinato){Sb(C6H5)3}] and long time sought structure of mer-[RhCl3{Sb(C6H5)3}3],, file e0feeaa6-aab6-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Structural study of ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor hydrazones. Synthesis and X-ray diffraction analysis of a copper(II)-benzoylpyridine-2-quinolinyl hydrazone complex, file e0feeaa6-aabb-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
{Ru(CO)x}-core complexes with selected azoles: Synthesis, X-ray structure, spectroscopy, DFT analysis and evaluation of cytotoxic activity against human cancer cells, file e0feeaa6-ac8f-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Synthesis, spectroscopic and DFT structural characterization of two novel ruthenium(III) oxicam complexes. In vivo evaluation of anti-inflammatory and gastric damaging activities, file e0feeaa6-ac95-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
An Experimental and Density Functional Study of the Sb-C Bond Activation and Organo-Rh Bond Formation from the Spontaneous Decay of [RhCl3(SbPh3)3], file e0feeaa6-ad79-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Ruthenium complexes as nitric oxide donors and scavengers. Synthesis and crystal and molecular structure for mer,trans-[RuIICl3(NO+)(N-4-ethylisonicotinate)2], and mer,trans-[RuIIICl3(N-CH3CN)(N-4-ethylisonicotinate)2] as obtained via UV-photochemical activation of {RuII(NO+)}3+-core parent complex in acetonitrile solution, file e0feeaa6-ade2-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Addition versus substitution in the reaction of diiodo(2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline)platinum(II) with aromatic bases. X-ray crystal structures of the substitution products with 2-amino-pyridine and 1-methyl-cytosine, file e0feeaa6-b644-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Study of ruthenium(II) complexes with anticancer drugs as ligands. Design of metal-based phototherapeutic agents, file e0feeaa6-b6ea-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Xanthan Gum-Chitosan: delayed, prolonged, and burst-release tablets using same components in different ratio, file e0feeaa7-299c-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Recent Advances in Biomimetic Metal Phenolates, file e0feeaa8-0025-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Chemical characterization of liposomes containing nutraceutical compounds: tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, file e0feeaa8-0760-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Reactivity of CORM [RuII(CO)3Cl2{N3-(N1-methylbenzimidazole)}] with aminoacids. Synthesis, and analytical and structural study for the new binuclear cis-[RuI(CO)2(N3-MBI)(μ2-O,O-BAL)]2 sawhorse complex at solid state and in solution, file e0feeaa8-07cc-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) crosslinked by trisodium trimetaphosphate (STMP) and sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP): Effect of molecular weight, pH and phosphorylating agent on length of spacing arms, crosslinking density and water interaction, file e0feeaa8-ac1d-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Characterization of nutraceutical components in tomato pulp, skin and locular gel, file e0feeaa9-1f42-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Effect of different post-harvest storage conditions and heat treatment on tomatine content in commercial varieties of green tomatoes, file e0feeaaa-db4c-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Water content quantification by FTIR in carboxymethyl cellulose food additive, file e0feeaaa-db52-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
Determination of nano and microplastic particles in hypersaline lakes by multiple methods, file e0feeaaa-db53-44d2-e053-6605fe0a8db0 1
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