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Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Strategies for Upper and Lower Extremity Lymphedema: A Comprehensive Review 1-gen-2022 de Sire, Alessandro; Losco, Luigi; Lippi, Lorenzo; Spadoni, Davide; Kaciulyte, Juste; Sert, Gokhan; Ciamarra, Paola; Marcasciano, Marco; Cuomo, Roberto; Bolletta, Alberto; Invernizzi, Marco; Cigna, Emanuele -
Clinical Outcomes in Breast Cancer: Innovations and Ideas Commentary on "Expression of CDK13 was Associated with Clinical Outcomes and Expression of HIF-1 and Beclin1 in Breast Cancer Patients" 1-gen-2022 Diluiso, Giuseppe; Cuomo, Roberto; Volanti, Francesco; Nisi, Giuseppe; Aglianò, Margherita; Giardino, Francesco Ruben; Losco, Luigi; Grimaldi, Luca -
Different Roles Played by Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration: State of the Art 1-gen-2021 Giardino, F. R.; Cuomo, R.; Nisi, G.; Brandi, C.; Grimaldi, L. -
Ultraportable Devices for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: First Comparative Analysis 1-gen-2021 Cuomo, Roberto; Grimaldi, Luca; Nisi, Giuseppe; Zerini, Irene; Giardino, Francesco Ruben; Brandi, Cesare -
Jump Technique versus Seton Method for Anal Fistula Repair: A Randomized Controlled Trial 1-gen-2021 Khoshnevis, J.; Cuomo, R.; Karami, F.; Dashti, T.; Kalantar Motamedi, A.; Kalantar Motamedi, M.; Azargashb, E.; Aryan, N.; Sadeghi, P. -
Controlling Nutritional Status (CONUT) Score and Micronutrient Deficiency in Bariatric Patients: Midterm Outcomes of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Versus One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass/Mini Gastric Bypass 1-gen-2021 Voglino, C.; Tirone, A.; Ciuoli, C.; Benenati, N.; Bufano, A.; Croce, F.; Gaggelli, I.; Vuolo, M. L.; Badalucco, S.; Berardi, G.; Cuomo, R.; Castagna, M. G.; Vuolo, G. -
Management of skin damage of health workers’ face: the role of plastic surgery in the time of pandemic 1-gen-2021 Cuomo, R.; Gardino, F. R.; Pozzi, M.; Nisi, G.; Sisti, A.; Han, J.; Nuzzo, A.; Muratori, A.; Cigna, E.; Losco, L.; Grimaldi, L. -
Brachial plexus block versus wide-awake local anaesthesia for open reduction internal fixation surgery in distal radius fracture: A preliminary retrospective report 1-gen-2021 Torre, G.; Avvedimento, S.; Guastafierro, A.; Faenza, M.; Pieretti, G.; Cuomo, R.; Izzo, S.; Ciccarelli, F. -
Nipple reconstruction on mastectomy scar: The “double flap” technique 1-gen-2021 Nisi, G.; Pierazzi, D. M.; Pica Alfieri, E.; Cuomo, R.; Zerini, I.; Grimaldi, L. -
Surgical Implications of Ischemia Reperfusion Damage and Future Perspectives 1-gen-2021 Cuomo, Roberto; Nisi, Giuseppe; Brandi, Cesare; Grimaldi, Luca -
Optimization of Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction 1-gen-2021 Cuomo, R.; Giardino, F. R.; Neri, A.; Nisi, G.; Brandi, C.; Zerini, I.; Jingjian, H.; Grimaldi, L. -
The state of the art about etiopathogenetic models on breast implant associated–anaplastic large cell lymphoma (Bia‐alcl): A narrative review 1-gen-2021 Cuomo, R. -
Future Directions to Limit Surgical Site Infections 1-gen-2020 Cuomo, Roberto; Nisi, Giuseppe; Brandi, Cesare; Giardino, Francesco Ruben; Grimaldi, Luca -
Cardiovascular Benefits and Lipid Profile Changes 5 Years After Bariatric Surgery: A Comparative Study Between Sleeve Gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass 1-gen-2020 Voglino, C.; Tirone, A.; Ciuoli, C.; Benenati, N.; Paolini, B.; Croce, F.; Gaggelli, I.; Vuolo, M. L.; Cuomo, R.; Grimaldi, L.; Vuolo, G. -
Reconstruction of the nose: Management of nasal cutaneous defects according to aesthetic subunit and defect size. A review 1-gen-2020 Losco, L.; Bolletta, A.; Pierazzi, D. M.; Spadoni, D.; Cuomo, R.; Marcasciano, M.; Cavalieri, E.; Roxo, A. C.; Ciamarra, P.; Cantisani, C.; Cigna, E. -
The Morphology and Bending Behavior of Regenerated Costal Cartilage with Kawanabe-Nagata Method in Rabbits–the Short Term Result of an Experimental Study 1-gen-2020 Han, J.; Cuomo, R.; Zhao, Y.; Pan, B.; Yang, Q. -
Fat graft for reducing pain in chronic wounds 1-gen-2020 Cuomo, R.; Giardino, F. R.; Nisi, G.; Han, J.; Diluiso, G.; Tresoldi, M. M.; Pieretti, G.; Brandi, C.; Grimaldi, L. -
Umbilical Reconstruction Techniques: A Literature Review 1-gen-2020 Sisti, A.; Huayllani, M. T.; Boczar, D.; Restrepo, D. J.; Cinotto, G.; Lu, X.; Cuomo, R.; Grimaldi, L.; Nisi, G.; Forte, A. J. -
Pedicled Skin Flaps of the Face: What to Keep in Mind 1-gen-2020 Cuomo, Roberto; Nisi, Giuseppe; Brandi, Cesare; Grimaldi, Luca -
Ischemic Damage of the Flaps: New Treatments 1-gen-2020 Cuomo, Roberto; Sisti, Andrea; Grimaldi, Luca; Nisi, Giuseppe; Brandi, Cesare; D’Aniello, Carlo -
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