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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File Abstract
The role of rituximab in combination with pentostatin or cladribine for the treatment of recurrent/refractory hairy cell leukemia 1-gen-2007 Else, M.; Osuji, N.; Forconi, F.; Dearden, C.; Del Giudice, I.; Matutes, E.; Wotherspoon, A.; Lauria, F.; Catovsky, D. -
The role of roles in risk management change: the case of an Italian bank 1-gen-2016 Giovannoni, E.; Quarchioni, S.; Riccaboni, A. -
Role of salivary IgA to Streptococcus mutans for the protection of denatal decay 1-gen-1991 Gasparini, R.; Pozzi, Teresa; Nencioni, L.; Bosco, G. -
Role of salvage stereotactic body radiation therapy in post-surgical loco-regional recurrence in a selected population of non-small cell lung cancer patients 1-gen-2015 Agolli, L.; Valeriani, M.; Carnevale, A.; Falco, T.; Bracci, S.; De Sanctis, V.; Minniti, G.; Enrici, R. M.; Osti, M. F. -
Role of scaffold molecule KSR2 in immune cells deficiency associated to obesity 1-gen-2009 Giurisato, E.; Ulivieri, C.; Gamberucci, A.; Shaw, A.; Gubitosi, V.; Rossi, E.; Dotta, F.; Fulceri, R.; Baldari, C.; Benedetti, A. -
Role of scaffold molecules KSRs in cell migration and angiogenesis 1-gen-2010 T., Moi; Finetti, Federica; E., Rossi; Morbidelli, Lucia; Ziche, Marina; A., Shaw; Benedetti, Angiolo; Giurisato, Emanuele -
The Role of Scientific Expertise in COVID-19 Policy-making: Evidence from Four European Countries 1-gen-2022 Hodges, Ron; Caperchione, Eugenio; van Helden, Jan; Reichard, Christoph; Sorrentino, Daniela -
The role of sediment supply in large-scale stratigraphic architecture of ancient Gilbert-type deltas (Pliocene Siena-Radicofani Basin, Italy) 1-gen-2017 Martini, Ivan; Ambrosetti, Elisa; Sandrelli, Fabio -
The role of self-loops and link removal in evolutionary games on networks 1-gen-2019 Madeo, D.; Mocenni, C.; Moraes, J. C.; Zubelli, J. P. -
The role of shear stress in the localization and progression of atherosclerosis in the carotid district: evaluation with echo-color-doppler 1-gen-2004 Meini, S.; Pieragalli, D.; De Franco, V.; Panti, S.; De Candia, S.; Auteri, A.; Setacci, C. -
The role of skin biopsy in thje detection of exposure of endocrine disrupting chemicals in mediterranean cetaceans 1-gen-2001 Fossi, M. C.; Marsili, L.; NOTARBARTOLO DI SCIARA, G. -
The Role of Social Capital in Explaining the Happiness-Income Relation 1-gen-2017 Piekalkiewicz, MARCIN Grzegorz -
Role of soluble mediators in angiogenesis 1-gen-1996 F., Bussolino; A., Albini; G., Camussi; M., Presta; G., Viglietto; Ziche, Marina; G., Persico -
The role of space in the energy-environment nexus: a policy-making perspective 1-gen-2018 Talia, Virna -
Role of specific membrane receptors in urokinase dependent migration of human keratinocytes 1-gen-1990 Del Rosso, M.; Fibbi, G.; Dini, G.; Grappone, C.; Pucci, M.; Caldini, R.; Magnelli, L.; Fimiani, M.; Lotti, T.; Panconesi, E. -
Role of speckle tracking echocardiography beyond current guidelines in cardiac resynchronization therapy 1-gen-2024 Sperlongano, Simona; Benfari, Giovanni; Ilardi, Federica; Lisi, Matteo; Malagoli, Alessandro; Mandoli, Giulia Elena; Pastore, Maria Concetta; Mele, Donato; Cameli, Matteo; D'Andrea, Antonello -
Role of sphingosine 1-phosphate metabolism and signalling in skeletal muscle atrophy and fibrosis 1-gen-2022 Puliti, Elisa -
The role of structural inheritance in controlling styles of compressional tectonics: examples from the Apennine-Maghrebian System 1-gen-2004 Butler, R. W. H.; Grasso, M.; Tavarnelli, Enrico -
The role of structural inheritance in the evolution of fold-and-thrust belts: Insights from the Umbria-Marche Apennines, Italy 1-gen-2019 Tavarnelli, Enrico; Scisciani, Vittorio; Patruno, Stefano; Calamita, Fernando; Pace, Paolo; Iacopini, David -
The role of surgery in the comparison of peptic ulcer before and after the advent of H2 receptor blockers in the light of our experience 1-gen-1987 Pinto, Enrico; Verre, Luigi; DE STEFANO, Alfonso; Trombì, G. -
Mostrati risultati da 68.721 a 68.740 di 84.811
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