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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File Abstract
Identification and evaluation of ecosystem services for a regional park: a case study in Italy 1-gen-2014 Pedone, T.; Coscieme, L.; Ferrini, S.; Pulselli, F. M. -
An innovative survey of urban systems dynamics: the evidence of the MoTo project 1-gen-2010 Marchettini, N.; Pulselli, R. M.; Tiezzi, E. B. P. -
Integrating human and natural systems sustainably: Emergy evaluation and visualization of the Abruzzo Region 1-gen-2009 Pulselli, R. M.; Romano, P.; Bogunovich, D.; Pulselli, F. M. -
Interaction between the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction and lipid membranes: a kinetic investigation 1-gen-2010 Pulselli, F. M.; Catalucci, M.; Rossi, F.; Marchettini, N. -
Invaders decrease the structural complexity of the indigenous community of Chozas Lake 1-gen-2010 Bastianoni, S.; Marchi, M.; Tiezzi, E. -
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) combined with EMergy evaluation for a better understanding of the environmental aspects associated with a crystal glass supply chain 1-gen-2009 Niccolucci, V.; Rugani, B.; Bastianoni, S. -
Modifying the ISEW and taking into account energy 1-gen-2009 Tiezzi, E. B. P.; Bravi, M.; Pulselli, F. M. -
Monitoring urban dynamics: the case of the Metropolitan area of Central Tuscany 1-gen-2011 Pulselli, R. M.; Romano, P.; Niccolucci, V.; Marchettini, N. -
The needs of sustainability: the problem of data availability for calculating indicators 1-gen-2006 Pulselli, F. M.; Bastianoni, S.; Niccolucci, V.; Tiezzi, E. -
Ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations in a Holm oak urban park and an adjacent open area in Siena 1-gen-2013 Fantozzi, Federica; Monaci, Fabrizio; Blanusa, Tijana; Bargagli, Roberto -
Renewable energy impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at local scale: The case study of South Tuscany geothermal fields 1-gen-2007 Bosco, S.; Pulselli, R. M.; Bastianoni, S. -
The role of a dam in a water management system in Italy: physical and economic implications 1-gen-2009 Marchettini, N.; Patrizi, N.; Pulselli, F. M.; Tiezzi, E. -
Sustainability concern of housing: emergy storage and flow assessment 1-gen-2006 Pulselli, R. M; Pulselli, F. M.; Marchettini, N.; Bastianoni, S. -
A sustainability evaluation of vertical greenery systems based on emergy 1-gen-2012 Pulselli, R. M.; Patrizi, N.; Pulselli, F. M.; Bastianoni, S. -
The Sustainable City IX, Urban Regeneration and Sustainability 1-gen-2014 Marchettini, N.; Brebbia, C.; Pulselli, R. M.; Bastianoni, S. -
Thermodynamic-based indicators for environmental management and sustainability policies 1-gen-2010 Pulselli, F. M.; Borsa, S.; Marchettini, N.; Niccolucci, V. -
Time series analysis of the ISEW at the local (regional) level: method and intent 1-gen-2007 Ciampalini, F.; Ridolfi, R.; Pulselli, F. M.; Marchettini, N. -
Mostrati risultati da 22 a 38 di 38
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