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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File Abstract
Biomes, ecosystem services and emergy: is there a relationship? 1-gen-2011 Coscieme, L.; Marchettini, N.; Bastianoni, S.; Pulselli, F. M. -
Brownfield sites II: Assessment, rehabilitation & Development 1-gen-2004 Donati, Alessandro; Rossi, Claudio; Brebbia, C. A. -
Comparing renewable energies: estimating area requirement for biodiesel and photovoltaic solar energy 1-gen-2007 Bravi, M.; Coppola, F.; Ciampalini, F.; Pulselli, F. M. -
Deriving environmental management practices with the Ecological Footprint Analysis: a case study for the Abruzzo Region 1-gen-2009 Niccolucci, V.; Galli, A.; Bastianoni, S. -
Different accounting approaches to harvested wood products (HWP) in a local greenhouse gas inventory 1-gen-2009 Bastianoni, S.; Bosco, S.; Focardi, S. -
Dissipative structures in nature and human systems 1-gen-2008 Tiezzi, E. B. P.; Pulselli, R. M.; Marchettini, N.; Tiezzi, E. -
Dynamics and evolution of urban patterns: the evidence of the Mobile Landscape project 1-gen-2008 Bastianoni, S.; Pulselli, F. M.; Romano, P.; Pulselli, R. M. -
Dynamics and evolution of urban patterns: the evidence of the Mobile Landscape project 1-gen-2005 Pulselli, R. M.; Pulselli, F. M.; Ratti, C.; Tiezzi, E. -
Eco-dynamics of territorial systems: an Emergy Evaluation through time 1-gen-2007 Pizzigallo, A. C. I.; Niccolucci, V.; Caldana, A.; Guglielmi, M.; Marchettini, N. -
The Ecological Footprint Depth: preliminary consideration for national accounting 1-gen-2010 Niccolucci, V.; Bastianoni, S.; Tiezzi, E. -
The Ecological Footprint of a building construction 1-gen-2006 Bastianoni, S.; Galli, A.; Niccolucci, V.; Pulselli, R. M. -
Ecosystem self-organization in the Venice Lagoon 1-gen-2009 Cecconi, G.; Cerasuolo, C.; DEL GIUDICE, E.; Marchettini, N.; Tiezzi, E. -
Emergy evaluation and Life Cycle Assessment of a second generation bioethanol production 1-gen-2014 Patrizi, N.; Morandi, F.; Pulselli, F. M. -
The emergy synthesis for the Province of Pescara (Italy) and strategic choices for a sustainable development 1-gen-2006 DI DONATO, M.; Galli, A.; Pulselli, F. M. -
Entropy and the city 1-gen-2006 Marchettini, N.; Pulselli, F. M.; Tiezzi, E. -
Environmental accounting of buildings: outcomes from the emergy analysis 1-gen-2006 Pulselli, F. M.; Pulselli, R. M.; Simoncini, E. -
Global Warming Potential revisited 1-gen-2009 Marchettini, N.; Marchi, M.; Tiezzi, E. -
Heritage-led ontologies: Digital platform for supporting the regeneration of cultural and historical sites 1-gen-2020 Turillazzi, Beatrice; Leoni, Giovanni; Gaspari, Jacopo; Iadanza, Ernesto; My, Marinella; Massari, Martina; Boulanger, SAVERIA O. M.; Djalali, Amir -
How to measure the sustainability of an area: the SPIn-Eco project of the province of Siena 1-gen-2005 Bastianoni, S.; Niccolucci, V.; Tiezzi, E. B. P. -
Identification and evaluation of ecosystem services for a regional park: a case study in Italy 1-gen-2014 Pedone, T.; Coscieme, L.; Ferrini, S.; Pulselli, F. M. -
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