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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File Abstract
Does air pollution influence the success of species translocation? Trace elements, ultrastructure and photosynthetic performances in transplants of a threatened forest macrolichen 1-gen-2020 Paoli, L.; Guttova, A.; Sorbo, S.; Lackovicova, A.; Ravera, S.; Landi, S.; Landi, M.; Basile, A.; Sanita di Toppi, L.; Vannini, A.; Loppi, S.; Fackovcova, Z. -
Drivers to spatial and temporal dynamics of column integrated phytoplankton biomass in the shallow lake of Chaohu, China 1-gen-2020 Li, Jing; Ma, Ronghua; Xue, Kun; Loiselle, Steven -
Ecological Footprint: Refining the carbon Footprint calculation 1-gen-2016 Mancini, MARIA SERENA; Galli, A.; Niccolucci, Valentina; Lin, D.; Bastianoni, Simone; Wackernagel, M.; Marchettini, Nadia -
Effectiveness of different metrics of floristic quality assessment: The simpler, the better? 1-gen-2023 Fiaschi, Tiberio; Fanfarillo, Emanuele; Maccherini, Simona; Bacaro, Giovanni; Bonari, Gianmaria; Foggi, Bruno; Peruzzi, Lorenzo; Pinzani, Lorenzo; Rosati, Leonardo; Scoppola, Anna; Viciani, Daniele; Angiolini, Claudia -
Effects of eutrophication and exotic crayfish on health status of two Spanish lakes: a joint application of ecological indicators 1-gen-2012 Marchi, Michela; Jørgensenb, Sven Erik; Bécares, Eloy; Fernández Aláezc, Camino; Rodríguez, Carlos; Fernández Aláezc, Margarita; Pulselli, FEDERICO MARIA; Marchettini, Nadia; Bastianoni, Simone -
Efficiency and sustainability indicators for passenger and commodities transportation systems. The case of Siena, Italy 1-gen-2003 Federici, Mirco; Ulgiati, S.; Basosi, Riccardo; Verdesca, Daniele -
EKC and the income elasticity hypothesis Land for housing or land for future? 1-gen-2017 Bimonte, Salvatore; Stabile, Arsenio -
Element concentrations in the lichen Pseudevernia furfuracea (L.) Zopf transplanted around a cement factory (S Italy) 1-gen-2014 L., Gallo; A., Corapi; Loppi, Stefano; L., Lucadamo -
Emergy analysis for the environmental sustainability of an inshore fish farming system 1-gen-2007 Vassallo, P.; Bastianoni, S.; Beiso, I.; Ridolfi, R.; Fabiano, M. -
Emergy evaluation vs. life cycle-based embodied energy (solar, tidal and geothermal) of wood biomass resources 1-gen-2014 Neri, E.; Rugani, B.; Benetto, E.; Bastianoni, S. -
Enriching the Italian Genuine Saving with water and soil depletion: National trends and regional differences 1-gen-2019 Biasi, P.; Ferrini, S.; Borghesi, S.; Rocchi, B.; Di Matteo, M. -
Evaluating dynamics of national economies through cluster analysis within the input-state-output sustainability framework 1-gen-2017 Neri, Laura; D'Agostino, Antonella; Regoli, Andrea; Pulselli, FEDERICO MARIA; Coscieme, Luca -
Exergy versus emergy flow in ecosystems: is there an order in maximizations? 1-gen-2006 Bastianoni, S.; Pulselli, F. M.; Rustici, M. -
Focusing on the role of abiotic and biotic drivers on cross-taxon congruence 1-gen-2023 Bazzato, Erika; Lallai, Erik; Caria, Michele; Schifani, Enrico; Cillo, Davide; Ancona, Cesare; Pantini, Paolo; Maccherini, Simona; Bacaro, Giovanni; Marignani, Michela -
Functional imbalance not functional evenness is the third component of community structure 1-gen-2022 Ricotta, C.; Bacaro, G.; Maccherini, S.; Pavoine, S. -
Geographic and temporal variation in persistent pollutants in Australian humpback and snubfin dolphins 1-gen-2020 Cagnazzi, D.; Harrison, P. L.; Parra, G. J.; Reichelt-Brushett, A.; Marsili, L. -
Imputing missing data in non-renewable empower time series from night-time lights observations 1-gen-2018 Neri, Laura; Coscieme, Luca; Giannetti, Biagio F.; Pulselli, Federico M. -
Indicator and Indicandum: “sustainable way” vs “prevailing technology” in the Ecological Footprint 1-gen-2012 Bastianoni, S.; Niccolucci, V.; Pulselli, R. M.; Marchettini, N. -
Insights into nitrogen footprint accounting for products and application to an organic pig farm 1-gen-2021 Niccolucci, V.; Marchi, M.; Neri, E.; Pulselli, R. M.; Bastianoni, S.; Marchettini, N. -
Integrating urban metabolism and life cycle assessment to analyse urban sustainability 1-gen-2020 Maranghi, S.; Parisi, M. L.; Facchini, A.; Rubino, A.; Kordas, O.; Basosi, R. -
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