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International trade and economic growth in Croatia 1-gen-2024 Srdelic, L.; Davila-Fernandez, M. J. -
Samuelson's last macroeconomic model: Secular stagnation and endogenous cyclical growth 1-gen-2024 Michaël, Assous; Mauro, Boianovsky; DAVILA FERNANDEZ, MARWIL JHONATAN -
The green-MKS system: A baseline environmental macro-dynamic model 1-gen-2023 Sordi, Serena; Dávila-Fernández, Marwil J. -
Competitiveness and dynamic cumulative causation in an export-led growing economy 1-gen-2023 Davila-Fernandez, Mj; Oreiro, Jl -
A small-scale agent-based model of institutional and technological change 1-gen-2023 Dávila-Fernández, Marwil J.; Sordi, Serena -
A two-stroke growth cycle model for a small open economy 1-gen-2022 Sordi, Serena; Dávila-Fernández, Marwil J. -
(Ir)rational explorers in the financial jungle: Modelling Minsky with heterogeneous agents 1-gen-2021 Cafferata, A.; Dávila-Fernández, M.; Sordi, S -
Seeing what can(not) be seen: Confirmation bias, employment dynamics and climate change 1-gen-2021 Cafferata, A.; Davila-Fernandez, M. J.; Sordi, S. -
Some new insights on financialization and income inequality: evidence for the US economy, 1947–2013 1-gen-2021 Davila Fernandez, M. J.; Punzo, L. F. -
The Kuznets curve of the rich 1-gen-2021 Davila-Fernandez, M. J.; Punzo, L. F. -
Attitudes towards climate policies in a macrodynamic model of the economy 1-gen-2020 Dávila-Fernánde, Marwil J.; Sordi, Serena -
Alternative approaches to technological change in a small open economy 1-gen-2020 Davila-Fernandez, M. J. -
A New Developmentalist model of structural change, economic growth and middle-income traps 1-gen-2020 Oreiro, J. L.; da Silva, K. M.; Davila-Fernandez, M. J. -
From modelmania to datanomics? The rise of mathematical and quantitative methods in three top economics journals 1-gen-2020 Oliveira, T. D.; Davila-Fernandez, M. J. -
Structural change in a growing open economy: Attitudes and institutions in Latin America and Asia 1-gen-2020 Dávila-Fernández, Marwil J.; Sordi, Serena -
Investment behaviour and “bull & bear” dynamics: Modelling real and stock market interactions 1-gen-2020 Sordi, Serena; Marwil, J Davila -
Financialisation as structural change: measuring the financial content of things 1-gen-2019 Davila-Fernandez, M. J.; Punzo, L. F. -
Distributive cycles and endogenous technical change in a BoPC growth model 1-gen-2019 Davila-Fernandez, Marwil J.; Sordi, Serena -
Some new insights on the empirics of Goodwin's growth-cycle model 1-gen-2019 Ricardo Azevedo Araujoa, ; Marwil, Davila-Fernandez; Helmar Nunes Moreira, -
Path dependence, distributive cycles and export capacity in a BoPC growth model 1-gen-2019 Dávila-Fernández, Marwil J.; Sordi, Serena -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 25
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