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Dataset on anaphora resolution in L1 and L2 1-gen-2024 Sileo, R. B.; Cilibrasi, L.; Heine, J.; Tsimpli, I. -
Oral reading tasks as proficiency indicators: Insights from a learner corpus study 1-gen-2023 Graf, Tomas; Huang, Lanfen; Cilibrasi, Luca -
Introducing a phonotactic probability calculator for Czech 1-gen-2023 Čechová, Petra; Cilibrasi, Luca; Henyš, Jan; Čecho, Jaroslav -
When more is more: L2 agreement improves when listeners can rely on both noun and verbal features 1-gen-2023 Biondo, Nicoletta; Cilibrasi, Luca -
Nonword repetition in Czech-English bilingual children: parallels with developmental language disorder 1-gen-2022 Cilibrasi, Luca; Hasalova, K.; Brabcova, B -
The development of language skills in speakers of English as an additional language: what matters more, daily use or age of onset? 1-gen-2022 Cilibrasi, Luca; Markova, Daniela -
A longitudinal case study on the development of consonant–vowel distribution in the babbling of a Czech–English infant 1-gen-2022 Cilibrasi, Luca; Dunkova, Jirina -
The role of number mismatch and exposure in the comprehension of relative clauses in bilingual children 1-gen-2022 Cilibrasi, Luca; Adani, Flavia; Perez, Ana I.; Schmidt, Elaine; Wigdorowitz, Mandy; Tsimpli, Ianthi M. -
Second language acquisition of the English past-tense: from rules to analogy 1-gen-2021 Jiránková, Lucie; Cilibrasi, Luca -
Reaction times to morphologically inflected nonwords: a study of second language learners of English 1-gen-2021 Jirankova, Lucie; Cilibrasi, Luca -
Sensitivity to morphophonological cues in monolingual and bilingual children: evidence from a nonword task 1-gen-2020 Cilibrasi, Luca; Tsimpli, Ianthi -
Categorical and dimensional diagnoses of dyslexia: are they compatible? 1-gen-2020 Cilibrasi, Luca; Tsimpli, Ianthi -
The interplay of stress saliency and word beginning saliency: an experimental study 1-gen-2020 Cilibrasi, Luca; Stojanovik, Vesna -
Prosody facilitates memory recall in L1 but not in L2 in highly proficient listeners 1-gen-2020 Schmidt, Elaine; Pérez, Ana; Cilibrasi, Luca; Tsimpli, Ianthi -
Why don't we all speak the same language? Some reflections on the role of cognition 1-gen-2020 Cilibrasi, Luca -
Reading as a predictor of complex syntax. The case of relative clauses 1-gen-2019 Cilibrasi, Luca; Adani, Flavia; Tsimpli, Ianthi -
Sensitivity to inflectional morphemes in the absence of meaning: evidence from a novel task 1-gen-2019 Cilibrasi, Luca; Stojanovik, Vesna; Riddell, Patricia; Saddy, Douglas -
The role of noninitial clusters in the Children's Test of Nonword Repetition: evidence from children with language impairment and typically developing children 1-gen-2018 Cilibrasi, Luca; Stojanovik, Vesna; Loucas, Tom; Riddel, Patricia -
Word position and stress effects in consonant cluster perception and production 1-gen-2015 Cilibrasi, Luca; Stojanovik, Vesna; Riddell, Patricia -
The acquisition of partitive clitics  in Romance five‐year‐olds 1-gen-2011 Gavarró Algueró, A.; Guasti, M. T.; Tuller, L.; Prévost, P.; Belletti, Adriana; Cilibrasi, L.; Delage, H.; Vernice, M. -
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