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Membership categorisation in oral academic discourse: strategies for addressing international, multidisciplinary audiences in English as a lingua franca 1-gen-2022 Anderson, Laurie Jane; Cirillo, Letizia -
The emergence and relevance of cultural difference in mediated health interactions 1-gen-2021 Anderson, Laurie Jane; Cirillo, Letizia -
Internationalisation and linguistic diversity in a mid-sized Italian university 1-gen-2019 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Fostering metalinguistic awareness: Role play, pragmatics and L2 literary translation 1-gen-2018 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Translation And Interpreting for Language Learners. An introduction 1-gen-2018 Anderson, LAURIE JANE; Gavioli, Laura; Zanettin, Federico -
Translation And Interpreting for Language Learners (TAIL): lessons in honour of Guy Aston, Anna Ciliberti and Daniela Zorzi 1-gen-2018 Anderson, LAURIE JANE; Gavioli, Laura; Zanettin, Federico -
Aston, Ciliberti, Zorzi: a bibliographical repertoire 1-gen-2018 Anderson, LAURIE JANE; Gavioli, Laura; Zanettin, Federico -
Publishing in pursuit of an academic career: The role of embedded and encultured knowledge in national job-market entry strategies of elite early career European scholars. 1-gen-2017 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Stranieri di carta stranieri di voce 1-gen-2017 Anderson, LAURIE JANE; Marengo, Marina; Micali, Simona; Schoysman, ANNE ANGELE -
Why context matters in English-Medium Instruction (EMI): Reflections based on experience in the Italian university system and in an EU-funded programme for early-career scholars. 1-gen-2016 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Embodied argument: The role of co-expressive gesture in spoken academic discourse 1-gen-2016 Anderson, LAURIE JANE; Cirillo, Letizia -
‘Internationality’ as a metapragmatic resource in research presentations addressed to English as a lingua franca audiences 1-gen-2015 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Leveraging pragmatics in the translation classroom: Promoting active learning through literary translation towards the ‘non-mother tongue’ 1-gen-2015 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
A scholar’s guide to getting published in English: Critical choices and practical strategies by Mary Jane Curry and Theresa Lillis (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2013) 1-gen-2015 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Academic networking face-to-face: What it looks like and what it can tell us about research collaboration 1-gen-2014 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Publishing strategies of young, highly mobile academics: The question of language in the European context 1-gen-2013 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Code-switching and coordination in interpreter-mediated interaction 1-gen-2012 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Standards of acceptability in English as an academic lingua franca: Evidence from a corpus of peer-reviewed working papers by international scholars 1-gen-2010 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Gatekeeping and international mobility: Institutional features of interaction in panel selection interviews 1-gen-2010 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
La commutazione di codice in incontri mediati in contesti legali e sociosanitari. 1-gen-2009 Anderson, LAURIE JANE -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 60
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