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L'incertezza in economia. Una storia delle teorie da Keynes ai giorni nostri 1-gen-2024 Zappia, Carlo -
Uncertainty goes mainstream: Savage, Koopmans and the measurability of uncertainty at the Cowles Commission 1-gen-2023 Zappia, Carlo -
On measurable uncertainty and the fight for taking uncertainty seriously in economics 1-gen-2022 Zappia, C. -
Leonard Savage, the Ellsberg Paradox and the Debate on Subjective Probabilities: Evidence from the Archives 1-gen-2021 Zappia, Carlo -
Financial markets and Keynes's long-term expectations 1-gen-2021 Basili, M.; Zappia, C. -
Keyne's Treatise on Probability at 100 years: its most enduring message 1-gen-2021 Zappia, C. -
Keynes’s Treatise on Probability at 100: A Symposium. Introduction 1-gen-2021 Zappia, C. -
Introduction to the STOREP symposium 1-gen-2021 Stirati, A.; Zappia, C. -
From Knightian to Keynesian uncertainty: contextualising Ellsberg's ambiguity 1-gen-2021 Zappia, C. -
A Comment on Anna Carabelli’s «Keynes’s Uncertainty as a Tragic Rational Dilemma» 1-gen-2021 Zappia, C. -
A Comment on Donald Gillies’s «Difficulties in the Logical Interpretation of Probability» 1-gen-2021 Zappia, C. -
Paradox? What Paradox? On a Brief Correspondence Between Leonard Savage and Karl Popper 1-gen-2020 Zappia, Carlo -
Rationality under uncertainty: classic and current criticisms of the Bayesian viewpoint 1-gen-2018 Zappia, C. -
De Finetti and Savage on the normative relevance of imprecise reasoning: a reply to Arthmar and Brady 1-gen-2017 Feduzi, Alberto; Runde, Jochen; Zappia, Carlo -
Whither Keynesian probability? Impolite techniques for decision-making 1-gen-2016 Zappia, Carlo -
Daniel Ellsberg and the Validation of Normative Propositions 1-gen-2016 Zappia, Carlo -
Daniel Ellsberg on the Ellsberg Paradox 1-gen-2015 Zappia, Carlo -
Keynes on probability and decision: evidence from the correspondence with Hugh Townshend 1-gen-2015 Zappia, Carlo -
Non-Bayesian decision theory ahead of its time: the case of G. L. S. Shackle 1-gen-2014 Zappia, Carlo -
De Finetti on uncertainty 1-gen-2014 Feduzi, A.; Runde, J.; Zappia, Carlo -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 62
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