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The observation of superiority on multiple movements to the Italian left-periphery: Intervention effects on nested dependencies and the role of information-structure features 1-gen-2023 Moscati, Vincenzo -
What a thousand children tell us about grammatical complexity and working memory: a cross-sectional analysis on the comprehension of clitics and passives in Italian 1-gen-2023 Moscati, Vincenzo; Marini, Andrea; Biondo, Nicoletta -
The Unexpected Lightness of the Main Verb: An Eye-Tracking Study on Relative Clauses and Trace Reactivation 1-gen-2023 Concetti, Leonardo; Moscati, Vincenzo -
Negation and polarity in the romance languages 1-gen-2022 Moscati, Vincenzo -
Features matter: the role of number and gender features during the online processing of subject- and object- relative clauses in Italian 1-gen-2022 Biondo, Nicoletta; Pagliarini, Elena; Moscati, Vincenzo; Rizzi, Luigi; Belletti, Adriana -
The Layered Syntactic Structure of the Complementizer System: Functional Heads and Multiple Movements in the Early Left-Periphery. A Corpus Study on Italian 1-gen-2021 Moscati, V; Rizzi, L -
Subjects first! The role of word order and prosodic prominence as disambiguating cues in Italian 1-gen-2020 Moscati, Vincenzo -
Children (and Some Adults) Overgeneralize Negative Concord: the Case of Fragment Answers to Negative Questions in Italian, University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 1-gen-2020 Moscati, Vincenzo -
Morphosyntactic weaknesses in Developmental Language Disorder: the role of structure and agreement configurations 1-gen-2020 Moscati, Vincenzo; Rizzi, Luigi; Vottari, Ilenia; Chilosi, Anna Maria; Salvadorini, Renata; Guasti, Maria Teresa -
Beyond the scope of acquisition: a novel perspective on the isomorphism effect from Broca’s aphasia 1-gen-2019 Kennedy, Lynda; Romoli, Jacopo; Tieu, Lyn; Moscati, Vincenzo; Folli, Raffaella -
The interaction of morphological gender with stereotypical information: an eye tracking study on gender inferences 1-gen-2019 Ronca, Daniela; Moscati, Vincenzo -
Intonation and focus in early childhood: does prosody trigger activation of alternatives in 5 y.o. Italian chidren? 1-gen-2018 Moscati, Vincenzo; Bocci, Giuliano -
Strong and weak readings in the domain of worlds: a negative polar modal and children's scope assignment 1-gen-2018 Koring, Loes; Meroni, Luisa; Moscati, Vincenzo -
How Information Structure drives parsing preferences in adults and children 1-gen-2017 Moscati, Vincenzo -
Testing the QUD approach: Children’s comprehension of scopally ambiguous questions 1-gen-2017 Di Bacco, F.; Tieu, L; Sevdali, C.; Folli, R.; Moscati, Vincenzo; Romoli, J. -
Children's on-line processing of epistemic modals 1-gen-2017 Moscati, Vincenzo; Zhou, Peng; Zhan, Likan -
The role of number and gender features in the comprehension of Italian Clitic Left Dislocations 1-gen-2016 Moscati, Vincenzo; Manetti, Claudia; Belletti, Adriana; Rizzi, Luigi -
Relative clauses are not adjuncts: an experimental investigation of a corollary of the raising analyses 1-gen-2016 Cecchetto, Carlo; Donati, Caterina; Vernice, Mirta; Moscati, Vincenzo -
Agreement in Italian SLI children: a comparison between Determiner-Noun, Subject-Verb and Object-Verb agreement 1-gen-2016 Moscati, Vincenzo; Vottari, Ilenia -
Two Negations for the Price of One 1-gen-2016 Thornton, Rosalind; Notley, Anna; Moscati, Vincenzo; Crain, Stephen -
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