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Good for the heart, good for the Earth: proposal of a dietary pattern able to optimize cardiovascular disease prevention and mitigate climate change 1-gen-2022 Giosue, A.; Recanati, F.; Calabrese, I.; Dembska, K.; Castaldi, S.; Gagliardi, F.; Vitale, M.; Vaccaro, O.; Antonelli, M.; Riccardi, G. -
Perceptions and attitudes toward blue energy and technologies in the Mediterranean area: ASKYOURCITIZENSONBE 1-gen-2022 Betti, G; Cervellera, Gp; Gagliardi, F; Gioia, C; Patrizi, N; Bastianoni, S -
The future of the Mediterranean agri-food systems: trends and perspectives from a Delphi survey 1-gen-2022 Antonelli, Marta; Basile, Linda; Gagliardi, Francesca; Isernia, Pierangelo -
Satisfaction in higher education: A multi-dimensional and fuzzy approach 1-gen-2021 Gagliardi, F.; Neri, L.; Ozuni, E. S.; Hoxha, A. -
Can a neighbouring region influence poverty? A fuzzy and longitudinal approach 1-gen-2021 Betti, G.; Crescenzi, F.; Gagliardi, F. -
Multi-dimensional and fuzzy poverty at the regional level in Iran 1-gen-2021 Khoshbakht, H.; Gagliardi, F.; Asadi, A. -
The heavy burden of “dependent children”: An Italian story 1-gen-2021 Betti, Gianni; Gagliardi, Francesca; Neri, Laura -
JRR variance estimates for longitudinal fuzzy measures of multi-dimensional poverty 1-gen-2021 Betti, G.; Gagliardi, F.; Verma, V. -
Balanced sampling of boxes from batches for assessing quality of fruits and vegetables in EU countries 1-gen-2021 Franceschi, S.; Betti, G.; Fattorini, L.; Gagliardi, F.; Montrone, G. -
The integrated fuzzy and relative index for poverty analysis: A review of applications in the social sciences 1-gen-2020 Betti, G.; D'Agostino, A.; Gagliardi, F.; Giusti, C. -
Social Investment and Youth Labour Market Participation 1-gen-2020 Ecchia, Giulia; Gagliardi, Francesca; Giannetti, Caterina -
AGRIFOODMED Delphi. Trends, challenges and policy options for water management, farming systems and agrifood value chains in 2020-2030 1-gen-2019 Antonelli, Marta; Basile, Linda; Gagliardi, Francesca; Isernia, Pierangelo -
Investigating the impact of the economic crisis on children's wellbeing in four European countries 1-gen-2019 D'Agostino, A.; Gagliardi, F.; Giusti, C.; Potsi, A. -
Sustainable development goals indicators: A methodological proposal for a multidimensional fuzzy index in the mediterranean area 1-gen-2019 Casini, M.; Bastianoni, S.; Gagliardi, F.; Gigliotti, M.; Riccaboni, A.; Betti, G. -
Fuzzy measures of multidimensional poverty in the Mediterranean area: A focus on financial dimension 1-gen-2019 Ciani, M.; Gagliardi, F.; Riccarelli, S.; Betti, G. -
Multidimensional and fuzzy poverty at regional level in Iran 1-gen-2018 Asadi, A.; Betti, G.; Gagliardi, F -
Sustainable Development Goals indicators: a methodological proposal for a fuzzy Super Index in the Mediterranean area 1-gen-2018 Casini, M.; Gagliardi, F; Betti, G. -
Social Investment and youth labour market participation: a EU regional analysis 1-gen-2018 Ecchia, G.; Gagliardi, F; Giannetti, C. -
Extension of JRR method for variance estimation of net changes in inequality measures 1-gen-2018 Betti, Gianni; Gagliardi, Francesca -
Simplified Jackknife Variance Estimates for Fuzzy Measures of Multidimensional Poverty 1-gen-2018 Betti, Gianni; Gagliardi, Francesca; Verma, Vijay -
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