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Assessing the sustainability of cultured meat in optimized Danish diets 1-gen-2024 Mazac, R.; Bruno, M.; Marini, M.; Caro, D. -
Taxonomy of design for deconstruction options to enable circular economy in buildings 1-gen-2024 Pristera, G.; Tonini, D.; Lamperti Tornaghi, M.; Caro, D.; Sala, S. -
Management of excavated soil and dredging spoil waste from construction and demolition within the EU: Practices, impacts and perspectives 1-gen-2024 Cristobal, J.; Foster, G.; Caro, D.; Yunta, F.; Manfredi, S.; Tonini, D. -
Environmental and socio-economic effects of construction and demolition waste recycling in the European Union 1-gen-2024 Caro, D.; Lodato, C.; Damgaard, A.; Cristobal, J.; Foster, G.; Flachenecker, F.; Tonini, D. -
Operational Framework to Quantify “Quality of Recycling” across Different Material Types 1-gen-2023 Roosen, M.; Tonini, D.; Albizzati, P. F.; Caro, D.; Cristobal, J.; Lase, I. S.; Ragaert, K.; Dumoulin, A.; De Meester, S. -
Evaluating the Ecological Footprint of Landfills: A Framework and Case Study of Fargo, North Dakota 1-gen-2023 Graupman, M.; Vikesland, P. J.; Bolyard, S. C.; Brazil, B.; Mondal, P. P.; Bezbaruah, A. N.; Rusch, K. A.; Caro, D.; Iskander, S. M. -
The environmental footprints of the feeds used by the EU chicken meat industry 1-gen-2023 Sporchia, Fabio; Galli, Alessandro; Kastner, Thomas; Pulselli, Federico Maria; Caro, Dario -
Sustainability of food systems and reinforcement of the science-policy interface: Re-focusing on priorities 1-gen-2023 Caro, D. -
EU-27 ecological footprint was primarily driven by food consumption and exceeded regional biocapacity from 2004 to 2014 1-gen-2023 Galli, A.; Antonelli, M.; Wambersie, L.; Bach-Faig, A.; Bartolini, F.; Caro, D.; Iha, K.; Lin, D.; Mancini, M. S.; Sonnino, R.; Vanham, D.; Wackernagel, M. -
How much can chemical recycling contribute to plastic waste recycling in Europe? An assessment using material flow analysis modeling 1-gen-2023 Lase, I. S.; Tonini, D.; Caro, D.; Albizzati, P. F.; Cristobal, J.; Roosen, M.; Kusenberg, M.; Ragaert, K.; Van Geem, K. M.; Dewulf, J.; De Meester, S. -
Beyond the IPCC for Food: An Overarching Framework for Food Systems Sustainability Assessment 1-gen-2023 Caro, D.; Sporchia, F.; Antonelli, M.; Galli, A. -
Management practices for compostable plastic packaging waste: Impacts, challenges and recommendations 1-gen-2023 Cristobal, J.; Federica Albizzati, P.; Giavini, M.; Caro, D.; Manfredi, S.; Tonini, D. -
Investigating local policy instruments for different types of urban agriculture in four European cities: A case study analysis on the use and effectiveness of the applied policy instruments 1-gen-2023 Marini, M.; Caro, D.; Thomsen, M. -
Exploring the potential of circular solutions to replace inorganic fertilizers in the European Union 1-gen-2023 Sporchia, F.; Caro, D. -
Quality of recycling: Urgent and undefined 1-gen-2022 Tonini, D.; Albizzati, P. F.; Caro, D.; De Meester, S.; Garbarino, E.; Blengini, G. A. -
The missing link of circularity in small breweries’ value chains: Unveiling strategies for waste management and biomass valorization 1-gen-2022 Bonato, S. V.; Augusto de Jesus Pacheco, D.; Schwengber ten Caten, C.; Caro, D. -
Spatial heterogeneity of greenhouse gas emissions from cereal crop production in China 1-gen-2022 Zhuang, M.; Caro, D.; Qin, W.; Wang, C.; Yang, X.; Liu, R.; Zhang, L. -
Decrease in life expectancy due to COVID-19 disease not offset by reduced environmental impacts associated with lockdowns in Italy 1-gen-2022 Rugani, B.; Conticini, E.; Frediani, B.; Caro, D. -
Investigating environment-society-economy relations in time series in Europe using a synthetic input-state-output framework 1-gen-2021 Sporchia, F.; Paneni, A.; Pulselli, F. M.; Caro, D.; Bartolini, S.; Coscieme, L. -
Effects of different Danish food consumption patterns on Water ScarcityFootprint 1-gen-2021 Zucchinelli, M.; Sporchia, F.; Piva, M.; Thomsen, M.; Lamastra, L.; Caro, D. -
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