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Hypoglossal canal: an osteological and morphometric study on a collection of dried skulls in an italian population: clinical implications 1-gen-2023 Guarna, Massimo; Lorenzoni, Paola; Franci, Daniela; Aglianò, Margherita -
Lymphatic Collecting Vessels in Health and Disease: A Review of Histopathological Modifications in Lymphedema 1-gen-2022 Weber, Elisabetta; Aglianò, Margherita; Bertelli, Eugenio; Gabriele, Guido; Gennaro, Paolo; Barone, Virginia -
The educational value, both past and present, of an ancient scientific collection: the collection of anatomical preparations illustrating the various phases of bone development, from the second month of intrauterine life to adulthood 1-gen-2022 Martini, M.; Aglianò, M.; Orsini, D. -
Clinical Outcomes in Breast Cancer: Innovations and Ideas Commentary on "Expression of CDK13 was Associated with Clinical Outcomes and Expression of HIF-1 and Beclin1 in Breast Cancer Patients" 1-gen-2022 Diluiso, Giuseppe; Cuomo, Roberto; Volanti, Francesco; Nisi, Giuseppe; Aglianò, Margherita; Giardino, Francesco Ruben; Losco, Luigi; Grimaldi, Luca -
Elongated styloid process: literature review and morphometric data on a collection of dried skulls 1-gen-2021 Guarna, Massimo; Paola, Lorenzoni; Volpi, Nila; Agliano', Margherita -
Anatomy mourns the loss of her teacher, Paolo Mascagni 1-gen-2021 Orsini, D.; Agliano, M. -
Clinically Differentiated Abnormalities of the Architecture and Expression of Myosin Isoforms of the Human Cremaster Muscle in Cryptorchidism and Retractile Testis 1-gen-2020 Molinaro, Francesco; Fusi, Giulia; Aglianò, Margherita; Volpi, Nila; Franci, Daniela; Lorenzoni, Paola; Messina, Maddalena; Galgano, Angela; Grasso, Francesco; Plessi, Carlotta; Messina, Mario; Angotti, Rossella -
The CB2 Agonist β-Caryophyllene in Male and Female Rats Exposed to a Model of Persistent Inflammatory Pain 1-gen-2020 Ceccarelli, I.; Fiorenzani, P.; Pessina, F.; Pinassi, J.; Aglianò, M.; Miragliotta, V.; Aloisi, A. M. -
New Insights into the Pathophysiology of Primary and Secondary Lymphedema: Histopathological Studies on Human Lymphatic Collecting Vessels 1-gen-2020 Barone, Virginia; Borghini, Annalisa; Tedone Clemente, Erica; Aglianò, Margherita; Gabriele, Guido; Gennaro, Paolo; Weber, Elisabetta -
Modelli didattici dell'apparato uditivo (sec. XIX-XX) nelle collezioni del Sistema museale universitario senese e il restauro di "un Auzoux" 1-gen-2019 Aglianò, Margherita; Caronna, Angela; Valacchi, MARIA LUISA -
Modified Heitz–Boyer–Hovelacque rectal bladder in children: Reassuring histology after median follow-up of 10.5 years 1-gen-2018 Angotti, Rossella; Molinaro, Francesco; Ferrara, Francesco; Bindi, Edoardo; Aglianò, Margherita; Bianchi, Adrian; Messina, Mario -
Osteologic topography of the trochlear spine and fovea as landmarks to locate the superior oblique trochlea 1-gen-2018 Agliano', Margherita; Franci, Daniela; Volpi, Nila; Orsini, Davide; Messina, Maddalena; Lorenzoni, Paola -
Calf muscle hypertrophy following S1 radiculopathy: A stress disorder caused by hyperactivity with variable response to treatment 1-gen-2018 Volpi, N; Ginanneschi, F; Cerase, A; Carbone, Sf; Aglianò, M; Lorenzoni, P; Bellini, Matteo; Bartalini, S; Di Pietro, G; Rossi, A -
Sternal foramina : anatomy and clinical significance 1-gen-2017 Guarna, Massimo; Agliano', Margherita; Volpi, Nila; Lorenzoni, Paola; Franci, Daniela; Vannozzi, Francesca -
Pediatric Presentation of a Celiaco-mesenteric Trunk in Association with a Pelvic Bilateral Renal Ectopia: an Undescribed Association 1-gen-2017 Bindi, Edoardo; Molinaro, Francesco; Angotti, Rossella; Aglianò, Margherita; Messina, Maddalena; Messina, Mario -
Apoptotic Process Induced by Oxaliplatin in Rat Hippocampus Causes Memory Impairment 1-gen-2017 Bianchi, E.; Di Cesare Mannelli, L.; Micheli, L.; Farzad, M.; Agliano, M.; Ghelardini, C. -
The anatomical world of Paolo Mascagni. Reasoned reading of the anatomy works of his library 1-gen-2017 Orsini, Davide; Vannozzi, Francesca; Agliano', Margherita -
Segmental intestinal dilatation associated with omphalocele 1-gen-2017 Molinaro, F.; Angotti, R.; Bindi, E.; Pellegrino, C.; Messina, M.; Aglianò, M.; Messina, M. -
HISTOPATHOLOGICAL FINDINGS IN SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS-RELATED MYOPATHY: FIBROSIS AND MICROANGIOPATHY 1-gen-2017 Corallo, Claudio; Cutolo, Maurizio; Volpi, Nila; Franci, Daniela; Agliano', Margherita; Montella, Antonio; Chirico, Chiara; Gonnelli, Stefano; Nuti, Ranuccio; Giordano, NICOLA GIUSEPPE -
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