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Il Progetto Genius Loci, memoria, identità: realizzare un presidio culturale nel Parco del Pionta 1-gen-2023 Bianchi, Francesca; Orefice, Carlo; Roberto, Sebastiano; Giampaolo, Mario; Yildiz, Gozde -
New Strategies on Image Rebranding and Heritage Management: Former Lunatic Asylums, Difficult Heritage and Difficult Memories 1-gen-2023 Yildiz, Gozde; Bianchi, Francesca -
Communication of Cultural Heritage Through Performing Art: Theatre and Memories of Former Mental Asylums 1-gen-2023 Yildiz, G.; Bianchi, F. -
From Kundura to cinema: topological Zeitgeist of Beykoz Kundura in Instanbul 1-gen-2023 Yildiz, Gozde -
Time-relational process reading between culture and form: transformation process of privately owned industrial heritage sites and actor roles 1-gen-2022 Yildiz, Gozde -
The secret behind the blue colour 1-gen-2022 Terzin, Rea; Yildiz, Gozde -
Giaveno: a chromatic transformation 1-gen-2022 Yildiz, Gozde -
Contemporary Istanbul and post-industrial landscapes in cultural triangle 1-gen-2021 Yildiz, Gozde -
New strategies and actions for the continuity of the multilayered historic towns: case of Tarsus 1-gen-2020 Yildiz, Gozde; Sahın Guchan, Neriman; Bılgın Altınoz, Gulız -
Forgetting by modernity and constructing the new for the ideal modern city in the 20th century: Ankara as the city act-palimpsest 1-gen-2020 Yildiz, Gozde -
From a macro to micro perspective of the formation of the bosnian identity during the austro-hungarian administration: actors, habitus, dispositive and cultural capital 1-gen-2020 Yildiz, Gozde -
Swallow dome: from domestic dwellings to the monumental buildings 1-gen-2020 Yildiz, Gozde -
Transformation process of industrial heritage places. Case study: northern industrial zone of Ayvalık, Turkey 1-gen-2020 Yildiz, Gozde; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman -
Rethinking the industrial heritage of Ayvalik through trajectories on extracting olive oil and soap making 1-gen-2020 Yildiz, Gozde; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman -
An industrial heritage case study in Ayvalık: Ertem olive oil factory 1-gen-2018 Yildiz, Gozde; Sahin Guchan, Neriman -
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