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[BMIm][BARF] imidazolium salt solutions in alkyl carbonate solvents: Structure and interactions 1-gen-2023 Mamusa, M.; Chelazzi, D.; Baglioni, M.; Murgia, S.; Fratini, E.; Rivillo, D.; van Leeuwen, P. W. N. M.; Schrekker, H. S.; Baglioni, P. -
Cryogels loaded with nanostructured fluids studied by ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering 1-gen-2023 Baglioni, M.; Mastrangelo, R.; Tempesti, P.; Ogura, T.; Baglioni, P. -
pH-Controlled assembly of polyelectrolyte layers on silica nanoparticles in concentrated suspension 1-gen-2022 Kolman, K.; Poggi, G.; Baglioni, M.; Chelazzi, D.; Baglioni, P.; Persson, M.; Holmberg, K.; Bordes, R. -
Nanostructured fluids for polymeric coatings removal: Surfactants affect the polymer glass transition temperature 1-gen-2022 Baglioni, M.; Sekine, F. H.; Ogura, T.; Chen, S. -H.; Baglioni, P. -
Self-Assembly of Soluplus in Aqueous Solutions: Characterization and Prospectives on Perfume Encapsulation 1-gen-2022 Sofroniou, C.; Baglioni, M.; Mamusa, M.; Resta, C.; Doutch, J.; Smets, J.; Baglioni, P. -
The use of nanostructured fluids for the removal of polymer coatings from a Nuxalk monumental carving – exploring the cleaning mechanism 1-gen-2022 Alcala, S.; Baglioni, M.; Alderson, S.; Neiman, M.; Tallio, S. C.; Giorgi, R. -
Advanced materials in cultural heritage conservation 1-gen-2021 Baglioni, M.; Poggi, G.; Chelazzi, D.; Baglioni, P. -
Selective removal of over-paintings from “Street Art” using an environmentally friendly nanostructured fluid loaded in highly retentive hydrogels 1-gen-2021 Baglioni, M.; Poggi, G.; Giorgi, R.; Rivella, P.; Ogura, T.; Baglioni, P. -
Grafted nanocellulose and alkaline nanoparticles for the strengthening and deacidification of cellulosic artworks 1-gen-2020 Xu, Q.; Poggi, G.; Resta, C.; Baglioni, M.; Baglioni, P. -
Nonionic Surfactants for the Cleaning of Works of Art: Insights on Acrylic Polymer Films Dewetting and Artificial Soil Removal 1-gen-2020 Baglioni, M; Guaragnone, T; Mastrangelo, R; Sekine, F H; Ogura, T; Baglioni, P -
Assessment of aqueous cleaning of acrylic paints using innovative cryogels 1-gen-2020 Cardaba, Irene; Poggi, Giovanna; Baglioni, Michele; Chelazzi, David; Maguregui, Itxaso; Giorgi, Rodorico -
Twin-chain polymer networks loaded with nanostructured fluids for the selective removal of a non-original varnish from Picasso’s “L’Atelier” at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice 1-gen-2020 Pensabene Buemi, L.; Petruzzellis, M. L.; Chelazzi, D.; Baglioni, M.; Mastrangelo, R.; Giorgi, R.; Baglioni, P. -
Removing Ingrained Soiling from Medieval Lime-based Wall Paintings Using Nanorestore Gel® Peggy 6 in Combination with Aqueous Cleaning Liquids 1-gen-2020 Segel, K; Brajer, I; Taube, M; MARTIN DE FONJAUDRAN, C; Baglioni, M; Chelazzi, D; Giorgi, R; Baglioni, P -
Surfactants Mediate the Dewetting of Acrylic Polymer Films Commonly Applied to Works of Art 1-gen-2019 Montis, C.; Koynov, K.; Best, A.; Baglioni, M.; Butt, H. -J.; Berti, D.; Baglioni, P. -
Removing Polymeric Coatings With Nanostructured Fluids: Influence of Substrate, Nature of the Film, and Application Methodology 1-gen-2019 Baglioni, Michele; Alterini, Margherita; Chelazzi, David; Giorgi, Rodorico; Baglioni, Piero -
A Triton X-100-based microemulsion for the removal of hydrophobic materials fromworks of art: SAXS characterization and application 1-gen-2018 Baglioni, Michele; Poggi, Giovanna; Ciolli, Giulia; Fratini, Emiliano; Giorgi, Rodorico; Baglioni, Piero -
Nanostructured fluids for the removal of graffiti – A survey on 17 commercial spray-can paints 1-gen-2018 Baglioni, Michele; Poggi, Giovanna; Jaidar Benavides, Yareli; Martínez Camacho, Fernanda; Giorgi, Rodorico; Baglioni, Piero -
Complex Fluids Confined into Semi-interpenetrated Chemical Hydrogels for the Cleaning of Classic Art: A Rheological and SAXS Study 1-gen-2018 Baglioni, Michele; Domingues, Joana A.; Carretti, Emiliano; Fratini, Emiliano; Chelazzi, David; Giorgi, Rodorico; Baglioni, Piero -
Polymer Film Dewetting by Water/Surfactant/Good-Solvent Mixtures: A Mechanistic Insight and Its Implications for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage 1-gen-2018 Baglioni, Michele; Montis, Costanza; Chelazzi, David; Giorgi, Rodorico; Berti, Debora; Baglioni, Piero -
Nanofluids and chemical highly retentive hydrogels for controlled and selective removal of overpaintings and undesired graffiti from street art 1-gen-2017 Giorgi, Rodorico; Baglioni, Michele; Baglioni, Piero -
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