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Optimal RIS Allocation in Multi-User MIMO Communications 1-gen-2023 Palmucci, S.; Abrardo, A.; Moretti, M. -
Two-Timescale Transmission Design and RIS Optimization for Integrated Localization and Communications 1-gen-2023 Jiang, F.; Abrardo, A.; Keykhosravi, K.; Wymeersch, H.; Dardari, D.; Di Renzo, M. -
A new framework for Physical Layer Security in HetNets based on Radio Resource Allocation and Reinforcement Learning 1-gen-2023 Marabissi, D.; Abrardo, A.; Mucchi, L. -
Spatial multiplexing in near field MIMO channels with reconfigurable intelligent surfaces 1-gen-2023 Bartoli, G.; Abrardo, A.; Decarli, N.; Dardari, D.; Di Renzo, M. -
Two-Timescale Joint Precoding Design and RIS Optimization for User Tracking in Near-Field MIMO Systems 1-gen-2023 Palmucci, S.; Guerra, A.; Abrardo, A.; Dardari, D. -
A tenant-driven slicing enforcement scheme based on Pervasive Intelligence in the Radio Access Network 1-gen-2022 Rago, A.; Martiradonna, S.; Piro, G.; Abrardo, A.; Boggia, G. -
WMMSE resource allocation for FD-NOMA 1-gen-2022 Abrardo, A.; Moretti, M.; Saggese, F. -
On Safety Enhancement in IIoT Scenarios through Heterogeneous Localization Techniques 1-gen-2022 Davoli, L.; Belli, L.; Denaro, F.; Tamang, D.; Abrardo, A.; Ferrari, G. -
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: A Joint Localization and Communication Perspective 1-gen-2022 Palmucci, S.; Guerra, A.; Abrardo, A.; Dardari, D. -
Designing a Reliable and Low-Latency LoRaWAN Solution for Environmental Monitoring in Factories at Major Accident Risk 1-gen-2022 Tamang, D.; Pozzebon, A.; Parri, L.; Fort, A.; Abrardo, A. -
Information Fusion in Distributed Sensor Networks with Byzantines 1-gen-2021 Abrardo, Andrea; Barni, Mauro; Kallas, Kessem; Tondi, Benedetta -
Ultrasonic-based environmental perception for mobile 5g-oriented xr applications 1-gen-2021 Davoli, L.; Paraskevopoulos, I.; Campanella, C.; Bauro, S.; Vio, T.; Abrardo, A.; Ferrari, G. -
Architecting 5G RAN slicing for location aware vehicle to infrastructure communications: The Autonomous Tram use case 1-gen-2021 Tamang, D.; Martiradonna, S.; Abrardo, A.; Mando, G.; Roncella, G.; Boggia, G. -
MIMO Interference Channels Assisted by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Mutual Coupling Aware Sum-Rate Optimization Based on a Mutual Impedance Channel Model 1-gen-2021 Abrardo, A.; Dardari, D.; DI Renzo, M.; Qian, X. -
Deep reinforcement learning-aided RAN slicing enforcement supporting latency sensitive services in B5G networks 1-gen-2021 Martiradonna, S; Abrardo, A; Moretti, M; Piro, G; Boggia, G -
A stakeholder-oriented security analysis in virtualized 5G cellular networks 1-gen-2021 Suraci, Chiara; Araniti, Giuseppe; Abrardo, Andrea; Bianchi, Giuseppe; Iera, Antonio -
Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces: Sum-Rate Optimization Based on Statistical Position Information 1-gen-2021 Abrardo, A.; Dardari, D.; Di Renzo, M. -
Deep Reinforcement Learning for URLLC data management on top of scheduled eMBB traffic 1-gen-2021 Saggese, F.; Pasqualini, L.; Moretti, M.; Abrardo, A. -
Power and Subcarrier Allocation in 5G NOMA-FD Systems 1-gen-2020 Abrardo, A.; Moretti, M.; Saggese, F. -
A Quasi-Optimal Clustering Algorithm for MIMO-NOMA Downlink Systems 1-gen-2020 Saggese, F.; Moretti, M.; Abrardo, A. -
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