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Identification and Control of Game-Based Epidemic Models 1-gen-2022 Madeo, D.; Mocenni, C. -
Modeling pluralism and self-regulation explains the emergence of cooperation in networked societies 1-gen-2021 Madeo, D.; Salvatore, S.; Mannarini, T.; Mocenni, C. -
Consensus towards Partially Cooperative Strategies in Self-Regulated Evolutionary Games on Networks 1-gen-2021 Madeo, Dario; Mocenni, Chiara -
Evolutionary game theoretic insights on the SIRS model of the CoviD-19 pandemic 1-gen-2021 Madeo, D.; Mocenni, C. -
An Integrated Model for Supporting Aware Decisions of Companies in a Circular and Sustainable Economy Transition 1-gen-2021 Sparacino, E.; Bologni, E.; Rossi, A.; Agostinelli, C.; Madeo, D.; Mocenni, C. -
Self-regulation versus social influence for promoting cooperation on networks 1-gen-2020 Madeo, Dario; Mocenni, Chiara -
A physical model for the characterization of magnetic hydrogels subject to external magnetic fields 1-gen-2020 Madeo, D.; Bevilacqua, G.; Biancalana, V.; Dancheva, Y.; Mocenni, C. -
A Low-Cost Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Pervasive Water Quality Monitoring 1-gen-2020 Madeo, Dario; Pozzebon, Alessandro; Mocenni, Chiara; Bertoni, Duccio -
Evolutionary game for task mapping in resource constrained heterogeneous environments 1-gen-2020 Madeo, Dario; Mazumdar, Somnath; Mocenni, Chiara; Zingone, Roberto -
The role of self-loops and link removal in evolutionary games on networks 1-gen-2019 Madeo, D.; Mocenni, C.; Moraes, J. C.; Zubelli, J. P. -
An Integrated System for Real-Time Water Monitoring Based on Low Cost Unmanned Surface Vehicles 1-gen-2019 Garuglieri, S.; Madeo, D.; Pozzebon, A.; Zingone, R.; Mocenni, C.; Bertoni, D. -
An evolutionary game theory model of spontaneous brain functioning 1-gen-2017 Madeo, Dario; Talarico, Agostino; Pascual-Leone, Alvaro; Mocenni, Chiara; Santarnecchi, Emiliano -
Lumping evolutionary game dynamics on networks 1-gen-2016 Iacobelli, G.; Madeo, D; Mocenni, C. -
Game Interactions and Dynamics on Networked Populations 1-gen-2015 Madeo, Dario; Mocenni, Chiara -
Pain perception and EEG dynamics: does hypnotizability account for the efficacy of the suggestions of analgesia? 1-gen-2015 Madeo, Dario; Castellani, Eleonora; Mocenni, Chiara; Santarcangelo, Enrica Laura -
Emergence of microbial networks as response to hostile environments 1-gen-2014 Madeo, Dario; Comolli, Luis R; Mocenni, Chiara -
Cross-evidence for hypnotic susceptibility through nonlinear measures on EEGs of non-hypnotized subjects 1-gen-2014 Chiarucci, Riccardo; Madeo, Dario; Loffredo, MARIA IMMACOLATA; Eleonora, Castellani; Enrica L., Santarcangelo; Mocenni, Chiara -
Hypnotic assessment based on the Recurrence Quantification Analysis of EEG recorded in the ordinary state of consciousness 1-gen-2013 Madeo, Dario; Eleonora, Castellani; Enrica L., Santarcangelo; Mocenni, Chiara -
EEG recurrence quantification analysis in subjects with different hypnotizability 1-gen-2012 E., Castellani; Madeo, Dario; E. L., Santarcangelo; Mocenni, Chiara -
Linear least squares parameter estimation of nonlinear reaction diffusion equations 1-gen-2011 Mocenni, Chiara; Madeo, Dario; Sparacino, Emiliano -
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